Monday, August 17, 2020

Two Types of Bugs

So there are two types of bugs: good bugs and bad bugs. Now, I'm not talking about ecology here, or the fact that all animals are useful and serve a purpose. I'm talking about the fact that revenge is a dish best served with protective gear and lethal chemicals.

You see, my darling husband George, our dog Cooper, and I were all three stung by yellow jackets Friday before last while sitting on our deck. Cooper and I experienced the regular discomfort of such stings, but George, who was stung under the eye, swelled up and broke out in all-over hives. We spend an evening at the ER plotting revenge. 

He executed the plot (and the nest of yellow jackets) without further incident. But he's had renewed swelling and itching over this weekend, and I feel that, perhaps, the bad bugs didn't suffer as much as they should have.

So yellow jackets are bad bugs, no matter what an entomologist might say. 

Butterflies, however, are very good bugs, and they look pretty on cards, too!

I colored two different species of butterflies the same because I'm simple that way, and the colors made me happy. On a butterfly. Same colors on a yellow jacket...not so much. 

Doesn't Wink of Stella make a perfect shimmer for butterfly wings? My heart's all aflutter!

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness to all creatures without stingers or venomous fangs,



  1. I love butterflies too ... but I do think "What were they eating in my garden when they were caterpillars?"!!
    Love the balance of this card. I'm interested in the paper/card you used for the centre rectangle ... it has so much texture. What is it? Watercolour paper?

    1. Janet, that's regular card stock. I ran it through the StampinUp Subtle Textile embossing folder and roughed up the edges with a scissor blade.

  2. I feel George's pain. I don't react as badly to bee stings, which astounds me, but if I get bit by a mosquito or a flea, I'm in misery. There's swelling and itching that is beyond relief. When I first saw the picture, I thought maybe this was his new COVID gear! Hope he's all better now. Soon the bad bugs will be gone when the colder weather arrives. Take care, Susan! Oh, by the way, love the card!

    1. I'm so sorry! There are more mosquitoes and fleas than yellow jackets.

      Glad you liked the card!

  3. beautiful card...and look at that handsome guy. When I saw him I thought of the Ghostbusters, but instead the wasp buster. Stings are awful, hope you are feeling better.
    xx Karen

  4. Beautiful card. Hope your husband is feeling better.


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