Sunday, January 3, 2021

Fun with Type

I am a sucker for a pretty font, and Papertrey's Botanical Lowercase struck me as extremely clean and useful. 

It is.

For these two cards, I used full 4.25" x 5.5" panels and started stamping with the a, slightly overlapping each successive letter. One panel ended up being spot-on middle, and the other was off slightly. I just trimmed so the sentiment was advantage to starting with a larger panel.

Obviously, these color combinations are outside my normal one- or two-color schemes. I started with color combos from Pinterest and adapted to inks I had. There was a third combination that I didn't like, so it went in the recycling. 

Remember. It's only paper. 

And now I'm off to write thank you notes for Christmas presents. What was your favorite Christmas present you received? 

For me, it's a tie between the Nook replacement George got me (an Android cellular tablet!) and the knitted wrap my sister made me. George knew my Nook (the original Nook Tablet from over a decade ago) was on its last electrons. The horror!!! After a bit of research, he learned that Barnes and Noble is doing a lousy job with their Nooks, so he went to the AT&T store (only place with tablets left in stock), discovered that we qualified for a military discount on our cellular bill, and so saved us a BUNCH of money on our monthly bill while getting me the perfect gift at the same time. Love that man!

I've worn the wrap nearly every day since Christmas. It's like getting a nice, long hug from my sissy. Love that woman!

Your turn. 

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness,



  1. So pleased and grateful for the posts. I hope we will see more of them this year. Your explanations are clear and witty; the cards inspirational.

  2. Your first card is simply brilliant, I love your design! Happy New Year to you and your family, Gay 😊

  3. loVe these cards!!!
    The font. The colors. The white space. The simplicity.
    thanks for sharing, marty

  4. These are beautiful! I too am a font nerd, so I love a good clean serif, and these look especially nice with the variation in colors. The offset technique looks like it might make it a lot easier to arrange the letters without worrying about perfect alignment, too. (Though, knowing me and my perfectionism, I'd still obsess over getting the perfect offsetness.)

    My favorite Christmas present is a llama plushie ornament a dear friend made for me. He represents an inside joke between us, and he's just the cutest little thing! I smile every time I see him.


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