Tuesday, January 5, 2021

More Circles...This Time with Bling

 So this beautiful pin by Katrin totally inspired my post on New Year's Eve, and I forgot to credit it. And it also inspired today's card with a pretty little floral stem from Papertrey. As much as I loved the NYE card, this one is closer to my heart and style. White on white, some texture, some bling, a butterfly. 

And once again, I'm loving the subtle textile embossing folder from StampinUp. It's just perfect for adding that little bit of interest to white-on-white.

Wednesday, I have a Zoom meeting with the English department to make my virtual course comply with online teaching standards. My brain felt completely overwhelmed today after watching some tutorials for the faculty boot camp. Then, I reminded myself that it's all good, we'll be fine, and my classes will be good enough because, well, I'm good enough. That horrible monster of perfectionism can go back to its cave.

So I played Bananagrams to relax and distract myself, and made some pretty cool words...balm for my word-nerdy soul. Quaff, diode, whey, banns, doobie...so fun! And I promise no doobies were involved, although the same cannot be said of wine. 

What do you do when you start overwhelmed? For me, playing with words, reading, or going for a walk are go-to moves. Prayer helps, too. 

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and kindness,

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