Sunday, June 12, 2022

CASE-ing Myself

After making a bunch of pretty trash searching for inspiration from other stampers, I decided to recreate a card I liked from my own Pinterest Board. I stuck with the same basic design and just changed the theme and colors.

I thought this would make an excellent guy birthday card...and those are always a challenge to me. So yay!

Best of all, this jump-started my stamping mojo, and I've since made quite a few cards! That has felt good. 

Also good is the fact that we've hit upon a good dose for the Zoloft. I'm feeling more like myself now, and definitely less anxious and panicky. My sleep has improved, too. So more yays all the way around!

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,



  1. There is so much I like about this card. Liz

  2. Such a fun idea to "CASE" yourself! I have a Pinterest section just of layouts I like...not necessarily mine...but it really helps from time to time. Glad you feeling like your old self...that's a good thing! Welcome back!

  3. Nice card! Looked thru my Word file that I have with card pictures that I've seen that I want to keep for inspiration - you have a LOT of cards in that file!!


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