Tuesday, July 12, 2022

My Kind of Coloring

As I am a minimalist stamper, the idea of spending ten hours coloring and shading complex images makes me want to break out in hives. I've done it, of course, but was it fun for me? Not really. 

Yet I have 88 Copic markers (gathered over the course of four or five years) that are just begging to be used. That's a huge investment of money, and I feel the need to justify that investment. So I got Gina K's Pretty Posey set, which requires just the right amount of coloring to keep me engaged and at the same time satisfy my need for nearly instant creative gratification. Plus...daisies!!!! 

Yellow and purple are complementary colors, which adds some energy to this simple card. There's a bit of shading in the yellow daisy centers, and on the purple flowers. I didn't shade the leaves but did use two different shades of green to differentiate the stem on the left. 

The stitched border rectangle die and twine bow are nice accents, and since I couldn't figure out where to put a sentiment, I decided to leave this one blank. 

My stamping mojo has been gearing back up, mainly because I reorganized and purged some supplies and am making a conscious effort to use supplies that I've neglected. That's exciting! 

What supplies have you invested heavily in and then neglected? 'Fess up, people! 

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,



  1. I've just invested heavily, not into any one particular thing. I'm trying with everything in me not to get into foiling. It's everywhere, though, and so pretty. Do I need it? No. Is it so, so pretty and tempting? YES!!!

  2. Haven't used my Tim Holtz ink pads in forever - and I bought a LOT of them!!! UGH! Wonder if they've dried out by now????

    1. My distress cubes seem to last forever. For me, pigment inks have languished. I actually pulled them out and started using them again after several years neglect. Most were still well inked!

  3. Coloring to me is very relaxing but I use Crayola Colored Pencils, nothing fancy, nothing expensive but very soothing! Purple is my favorite color, like the look of your card. Faye


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