Sunday, August 28, 2022


Texture, bubbles, and cheers! My husband's birthday card, which I believe I forgot to post many months ago:

The man loves beer. And I love easy-to-use layered stamps.

Five circles zig-zag down the strip of textured cardstock, and a wide vellum strip conveys the sentiment. The card design plays around with circles and straight lines, wavy and smooth and textured cardstock, and foregrounds the beer because that was the most important part of the card.

At least as far as my husband was concerned. 

Tuesday, August 30, is the big day. The tumor will go bye-bye, along with a few lymph nodes. In a few weeks, we will have the final pathology report. Assuming clear margins and no lymph node involvement, I'll begin radiation in mid-October. So yay!

Many thanks for all the good wishes, prayers, cards, and such. I've no idea how I'll feel this week, but I'll update you as soon as I can. Please show grace if I blather-post under the influence of excellent painkillers. 

Mercy, grace, peace, love, and the joy of modern medicine,



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  2. I will be praying for you ...
    Dear Lord
    May You draw Susan ever closer to you and give her Your peace and comfort. Help her to trust You with her health. Lay your hand of protection over Susan and her family. Calm their fears, keep them close to one another and draw them to Yourself. Please guide the doctors who are taking care of Susan - give them wisdom and help them make the right decisions regarding her care.
    We ask in Jesus name

  3. The VERY best of luck to you, Susan! It sucks, but you got this! Take care, and keep us posted. We'll all be thinking about you tomorrow.

  4. I hope everything goes well, and a speedy and complete recovery!

  5. Susan, looking forward to your next post so we will know you are doing well!! Best of luck.

  6. Prayers for the best possible outcome. Stay strong!!


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