Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Post-Op Report

Yesterday was quite the adventure. The cancer is out of me (yay!) and only one lymph node needed to be removed (yay!). I'm feeling okay today, just sore and tired. 

The highlight of my day yesterday was having two radiologists argue over who would inject the tracer into my boob. Both wanted to do it. The one who did my biopsy won, and then apologized for having to stick more needles in me. But he was fast, efficient, and got it done!

Everything about this journey is weird, including the blue pee that results from the tracer clearing my system. Someone really ought to warn patients about that one.

Now, the focus is on recovery from the surgery so we can start radiation. Spectacular. 

So today's card is in honor of all the many, many people who have supported me thus far...friends, family, doctors, nurses, technicians, pastors, counselors, and so forth. My card was inspired by THIS Beautiful PIN. Mary Ann's card is gorgeous, so I did some minor tweaks to make it all about a butterfly. Also, square cards in the US require extra postage, so I went with standard A2 size. 

The butterfly and leafy stem dies are from Tim Holtz, the crimper is from Fiskars, and the stamp is from Simon Says. The butterfly was cut from a piece of watercolor paper with a wash of Twinkling H2Os. You can see a bit of the shimmer in the close-up photo. 

I colored the clear rhinestones with a Copic marker to match. 

What a great layout from Mary Ann! I'm going to play with it again.

Many thanks are also due to the fabulously talented Eddie, who sent a box of cards to Karen's Card Shop last week! They are already packaged and at the church, ready to sell. 

In anticipation of recovery, I placed a largish order with Ellen Hutson last week. When the shipment arrives, I should be finished with the "good" drugs and therefore safe to wield an Exacto knife again. 


Mercy, grace, peace, and love,


  1. I like it when you show us your spin on another's card; sometimes we get stuck thinking we must have ours look just like the inspiration card. Beautiful butterfly! I have sent cards to Karen's once before and would love to again; please email, post or fb message me the address. Thanks and happy healing days!

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  2. First, the card!! I think it is my fave of ALL the cards you've made. You were on fire! Regarding the main event, so kind of you to keep us posted! May you continue to recover and get through radiation well. Hugs

  3. A lovely take on the inspiration post. I am fairly sure this is one made by Shayne Eddie, who does beautiful simple styles

  4. YAY! Very happy to see your email today. Glad all went well, and the very best of wishes for a speedy recovery! And, I love the card! Also, one of these days I'll find the time to make more cards for the card shop!

  5. Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You have a great way of seeing the humor, beauty and reality of life. Love your take on the inspiration pin. It's delightful, like you!!


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