Friday, February 17, 2023

A Butterfly Challenge—Day 4

Remember that each comment you make in this Butterfly Challenge series is an entry for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Simon Says Stamp! (Obviously, only one comment per post will count for the give away, but I love it when you reply to each other’s comments!)

Of the seven cards I made with the Copic-colored butterflies, four have only one butterfly on them. You’ve already seen three of those cards, and today we’re looking at the LEAST clean and simple of them all. The card was inspired by so many of the “circle” cards posted on Pinterest (mostly by European stampers) that have inspired me for quite a long time. 

For this card, I gave the butterfly more context, with a stamped sprig of lavender-ish plant and white-on-white fronds. The different sizes of circle and their arrangement create a sense of movement, and the ombré purple circle was colored with the same Copics used on the butterfly. The rhinestones were colored with Copics and/or Sharpies.

I adore these types of cards, as they are the closest I get these days to collage. The monochromatic color scheme—with lots of white—works great for keeping the busier design clean and simple for my CAS-lovin’ heart!

So now for today’s question: what’s a favorite storage product, strategy, or tool? 

For me, it’s my strategy for organizing embellishments by color, not type, an idea I got years ago from Stacey Julian’s book on scrapbooking. So all blue embellishments are in a drawer, all green and yellow in another drawer, all neutrals, and so forth. I also really appreciate Sterilite Storage drawers. They pull out easily, are light-weight, and stack on my desk. 

Your turn. What’s a favorite storage product, strategy, or tool you use and love?

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,



  1. These butterfly cards are so lovely! I love layers, texture, and monochrome color schemes! 💙🦋

  2. Love your monochromatic card. You have balanced the design so well, and it's still has a CAS feel to it even thought there are a number of elements.
    I like your (and Stacy's) idea of storing by colour. That would be a major reorganisation for me ... and not sure I'm up for that yet.
    My stamps are organised in plastic pockets by category (flowers - which have manufacturer sub-category as I have so many, Christmas, Animals, Birds & Butterflies, Food, People, HB sentiments, TY sentiments, etc) and I have plastic containers on a shelf that make easy access. Die cuts are similarly organised - in pockets with magnetic sheets - by category - in boxes next to by die cutting machine. I'm about to take out the ones that can't really be used on their own as they are for matching stamp sets - will put them at the back of the plastic pocket of the stamp sets.
    Mini inks are in Tim Holtz mini ink storage boxes by colour. Distress inks in 4 boxes, Altenew in 10 boxes - all in a drawer in my desk.
    Not much has changed since I redid my craft room in 2016!

  3. I took Jennifer McGuire's advice years ago and my dies and stamps are stored in those refrigerator clear bins. I sort my category only. I'm in the process of doing the same with my stencils, since my collection seems to have grown! Putting them in full size sleeve protectors cut down to about 7 inches & stored in a refrigerator bin...sorted by category.

  4. My fav storage is all of my clear stamps are in clear envelopes by category. The stamp company is in the back of the envelope (in case I or someone needs to know). The envelopes are then stored in clear shoe boxes. I have 3 sizes of the clear envelopes which the majority of my stamps fit in. The much larger stamp sets are standing up in the bin in their original envelope. Love your card!!!

  5. Organization is not my strength. It seems that every time I develop categories, there is always an exception that just doesn't fit. I do tend to have spots for things, and bigger general categories of items. Most of the time it's a cyclone blast of fun things everywhere. I've found that as I put things back in their 'spots', something else inspires me to the next cyclone. I like to think of it as job security in crafting. haha!

  6. This is a beautiful card Susan, I love evrything about it. My favourite tool is my Misti, I was very bad at stamping until I purchased one

  7. Such a pretty card!
    I like to keep my stamps organized by company, and dies organized by category. Except when the stamps have coordinating dies (then they stay together). Has worked well so far.
    Priya Venkat

  8. love this so much and love reading everyone else's comments. After many failed attempts, I finally have a perfect for me strategy for cardstock. I have colored 3 ring binders (pink, red, orange, green, etc). Each color has page protectors in it that I buy in bulk with the name of the company and color. I keep all the full sheets and the scraps in the page protector. Since I have more shelf space than table space it works out great.


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