Monday, February 13, 2017

A Few Recent Questions

No pictures today, but several questions have come up recently that I'll answer in today's post as best I can.

Memento Luxe Ink
Reader Clavell asked for the drying time is for Memento Luxe ink. It dries surprisingly fast, but it does take a minute or so. I find this to be the case with all the colors of Memento Luxe ink. A little patience is a fair price for such rich coverage!

How to Put Bling on Cards
Reader Carol asked how I add bling to my cards. It depends if the bling is self-adhesive or not. For self-adhesive bling, I use my craft knife to lift the rhinestone from the backing sheet and place it on my card. It's easy, keeps the adhesive stickier than using your finger (oils from your finger will transfer to the glue and weaken it), and allows very precise placement.

For bling that needs to be glued, things get more complicated. There's a pick-up tool from Silhouette called the Pick-Me-Up that has a renewable tacky substance that will grab a single rhinestone from the top and hold onto it while you dab it on a spot of glue (I put a dot of liquid glue on a scrap of card stock beforehand), and then press it into place on the card. If you hold the rhinestone down with the tool until the glue sets (say, 10 seconds or so), you can then remove the Pick-Me-Up tool from the rhinestone and it stays in place. This is obviously cumbersome but it's MUCH easier than using your fingers, which, if they are anything like mine, are thick and clumsy.

I hope that helps.

MISTI Wishes
Reader Sheila asked if I have or want to have a MISTI. She loves hers, as do so many who have them. My friend Leslie, who passed away over a year ago, advised me against getting one, saying that for what I do, it would likely be a waste of money. (She was one to talk...she had two of the things, I think!) She was probably right; she usually was.

BUT I do think there are advantages to having one that have weakened my resolve, and I'm actually now considering getting one. The recent explosion of multi-step stamp sets is a contributing factor, actually. Just last week, I had a conversation with an employee at Marco's Paper (a brick-and-mortar stamp store nearby) about them, and she offered to have me come in and play with one any time. When I feel better, I'll take her up on it.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. I do try to answer them all...and if you're wondering something, chances are someone else is as well. Doctor's appointment tomorrow. Hopefully, she'll have something to help me feel like getting back to Papertrey's Life in my craft room!

Mercy, grace, peace, and love,


  1. feel better soon Susan!! The MISTI saved me a lot of $$ on cardstock -- the ability to fix a poorly stamped image sealed the deal. but everyone is different!

  2. I'm sorry you're not up to par yet, Susan. Hopefully, you'll be better soon. I have a lingering cough and sniffles, so I can relate somewhat. I hope you do go to Marcos and try out the MISTI. I'm very interested to hear what you have to say after using it. It's wonderful for multi-layered stamping, of course. But it's also great for plain stamping. It's made my stamping so much more precise. It eliminates a lot of waste, and it relieves stress. Take care!

  3. I forgot to say that gluing sequins and other small embellishments is hard for me. My arthritis in my hands makes even picking up bling hard at times. I
    Intend to check out the tool you mentioned that would make it easier. Thanks.

  4. If you do want one of the stamping tools, then it might be worth waiting for the Tonic Studio Stamping Platform. I've got the standard MISTI, the Stampaholic, the big 14" Stampaholic, and I WILL be getting the Tonic Stamping Platform. I need at least 3 small ones for when I give courses. I think this is going to be the ULTIMATE stamp positioning tool :
    * Very robust, strong hinge system and stable inking surface
    * 8.5" x 8.5" stamping surface
    * Open-ended system allows stamping for scrapbooking (your page can overlap the edges on 2 sides) without taking up huge working space
    * Magnetic surface with 2 magnets to hold paper down
    * Flip the top for cling vs clear stamps
    * Thick acrylic with embedded ¼" grid for easy cleaning
    * Ruler in cms and inches

  5. PS. Tonic is shipping in April. If you want to see it, look HERE

  6. Thank you, Susan, for the review of Momento Luxe. I am excited to hear of the dry time and will definitely pick some up this week...the black, for sure...and their colors look rich and enticing! I highly recommend the MISTI. I am a careful 'buyer' and two years ago a friend who knows my habits and stamping preferences called and told me I HAD to have a MISTI. I trusted her judgment and ordered one. I determined it would be a 'help' to me but I would not become 'dependent' upon it. It has revolutionized my stamping and as Sheila said...eliminated stress and waste! With the MISTI, I can stamp my sentiments several times resulting in a crisp, dense image that appears 'printed'. With experience, I've discovered it is useful in numerous situations! I would recommend the medium size (I have the medium and small). The medium is the perfect size for setting up "stations" in each corner. I come from 'messy techniques' to CAS stamping and have learned CAS is extreme precision, comparatively speaking...each detail is a focal point! This tool will be a treasure and you will find how best it will meet YOUR demands and particular style! All my best to have been a blessing to me and my quest to learn CAS! TFS!

  7. I second what Janet said about waiting for the Tim Holtz/ Tonic stamping platform. It will be a good bit cheaper than the MISTI, and the fact that it is open on two sides will be a great bonus. I've had a MISTI for about a year and love it, but I will be getting the new Tonic one because it will be easier to stamp on larger paper. I think it is a great tool for a CAS stamper, because it is so easy to get exact placement. And I love that I can easily restamp things if I don't get a great impression the first time. I do not think you will regret getting one, especially the new Tonic one that is only $40, as opposed to the $60 MISTI. I also recommend getting a bar-shaped magnet so you can use only one magnet, instead of two or three little disk magnets that always want to snap together. In the MISTI, the dimension of the bar magnet should be 3 x 1/2 x 1/8. The thickness (1/8) is crucial because it can't be too thick for the lid to close--and I'm not certain that thickness will be best for the new Tonic one. But one bar magnet is definitely better than two disks. Simon Says Stamp is taking preorders now.

    1. Thank you for the size. I did see Jennifer McGuire use this. She used Washi in the middle of it to make a handle so it's easier to pull up.

  8. I resisted the Misti. The cost just hurt. I finally broke down and order one. And the next day I see the Tim Holtz video previewing the Tonic at a much more affordable price. Geesh! But I am hooked. As others have said, the ability to restamp to perfect or darken an image is priceless. And I have never been any good at positioning in two-step stamping. Problem solved. It is a dream for assembly-line approach to multiple cards of the same design. I agree with the bar magnet also--where to get one?. (Another advantage of the Tonic is not needing the special cleaner.) Goodbye Stamp-A-Ma-Jig. You have been a good friend.

    1. You can get the bar magnets from Amazon, or friends on the PTI forum have also recommended I have not ordered from K&J Magnets, so I don't have firsthand experience with them--but I trust the forum friends to spend my money thoroughly and efficiently. :)

  9. Feel better... The Misti is not in my budget so I strive on CAS.

  10. I hope you feel better soon too! I also want to echo the suggestion you check out the Tonic/Tim Holtz stamp platform. It looks amazing and even though I have a MISTI I may purchase this new tool because the differences really are what I would consider improvements.

  11. I enjoy reading tips and tricks from others even if it is for products I don't plan to use. You never know when the knowledge will come in handy. Thanks for the info!

  12. Sorry you are still under the weather; hoping the dr. was a help today. I resisted the MISTI, solely due to cost. But I'm so glad I caved- I use it regularly & really appreciate the help it provides me. I never was able to restamp, even with an acrylic block & now- like magic. Take care & looking forward to more with PTI Life stamps.

  13. I didn't buy the MISTI because of the price and other issues. I recently bought this We R Memory Keepers stamping tool instead from, which offers free shipping on any size order: The current sale price is $28.50. It does not have the magnetic platform; rather, it has a non-slip surface that has worked well the several times I've used it just playing around. It features the hinged lid like the Tim Holtz upcoming tool which makes it possible to accommodate acrylic, photopolymer, cling mount and foam-backed rubber cling stamps without having to switch out foam, etc. I've been very impressed with it and decided on it after watching comparisons on YT. You certainly can't beat the price, plus the free shipping. I did have to wait 2½ weeks for it, but I wasn't in any big hurry since I'd gotten along without it before. Their customer service is top-notch. Read the story of the company, too, if you go to the website. PS: I had the "creepin' crud" for three weeks right after the first of the year, as have many. It just takes time, which we all know is a scarce commodity. Get well & stay well!

  14. I broke down in December and got a MISTI and didn't use it until this month. The price point was just too high when it first came out and still is. I wished I had waited for the Tim Holtz platform.
    More and more stamp companies are coming out with layered stamp set now that it's easier with a MISTI type system.


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