Friday, May 15, 2009

My Husband Made Me a Card!

This is my Mother's Day card made by my own dear husband. Notice the shocking lack of B-1 images! He did this all by himself while I was out of the house. He used PTI's vintage cream cardstock, the tulip is from Hero Arts, and the ink is SU's close to cocoa. The ink's case confounded him briefly, but he persevered. Inside the card, he stamped another flower from Hero and the Happy Mother's Day from a Papertrey clear set. He figured out how to mount the clear stamp on an acrylic block, though he admits at first he was stumped.

I'm so proud of him! This is definitely my favorite card he's ever made for me. But I still can't believe he didn't use the B-1 stamp and even checked the back to see if he'd hidden it there. Nope. He resisted.

Isn't that sweet!?!


  1. Aww that is so sweet! What a nice hubby you have...I like it! It has a pencil sketch look going on...Simple yet artistic! Thumbs up! Have a Wonderful Weekend! Hugs...Cookie :)

  2. Oh, I love it.

    I always thought if my fiancee made me a card, I think he would do great, but he's too scared of all my tools!

    What is a B-1 stamp?

  3. What in the heck is a B-1? :)

    Awesome card! He did very well!

  4. Very Sweet!!
    And very impressive, especially figuring out how to open the SU ink case :)

    My hubby tends to use the kids colouring pencils to make me cards, I don't think he would be game to dig around in my craft things. lol!!

  5. Aww - what a gem of a DH you have ~
    so much talent in one family ;-) and being able to open the SU case (took me a while!!)
    Another CAS card-maker???

  6. Way to go hubby! I see he has the CAS style down, too. ;)

  7. It's a really sweet card. At first I thought it was a sketch :o)

  8. What a nice card your hubby made! So thoughtful of him and such a good job with the stamping.

  9. very sweet of him... and look, he's really been paying attention...he used 3 tulips on there!! Way to go DH!!

  10. That is a great looking card! I love the cards my hubs makes for me.


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