Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birthday Card Inspiration

My sister's birthday is today! Her Word of the Year is LESS, as in less stuff, less clutter, less spending, less eating, less running around like a chicken with her head cut off.

She's doing pretty well with LESS, so for her birthday, I didn't want to add to all the stuff she's trying to purge. I gave her a check to put toward her camera gadget fund and found this pack of dish towels at Target as a little something useful to add color to her summer. Now she can get rid of some drab and stained dish towels and have pretty ones, instead. Net gain of "stuff": ZERO!

Of course I had to make a card to match, and I immediately thought of this card from CAS11. I have a tough time with more than three colors on a card...who am I kidding? I have a tough time with more than two colors on a card! The CAS11 quilt-inspired card worked perfectly to use all the colors of the towels.

Yeah Me!

And Happy Birthday, Lisa. You are the best sister EVER!


  1. I love how you pulled the colors from those fun dish towels to create your card!

  2. She will LOVE the card and the towels they are so cheerful! Have a great time with her on her Bday! Hugs..Cookie :)

  3. Loved your card on SCS and this one is lovely too. Using the colours from the towels ...... simple idea beautifully executed. TFS

  4. wow! I LOVE this. all those colors are gorgeous.


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