Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Seasons Set for CAS Lovers and a Little Give-Away

I have a number of sets from Hero Arts that spotlight the seasons. I bought these sets years ago (they were among my first stamp purchases, actually), but I hardly use them except on the occasional scrapbook page. They're just hard to make cards out of, for some weird reason. Until now. This set of four cards makes my heart twitter in an ecstasy of Clean and Simple perfection. It's so easy, why did I never think of it before?

Each uses the season stamp, rocked and rolled in layers with several colors to represent that season. I got the idea from a spectrum ink pad I have. It's just good for autumn, though. So I improvised with various chalk inks instead. I "embellished" with another small stamp that reflected the season (butterfly, flower, leaf, snowflake) stamped just once to fit into the spectrum of the season stamp. And I was done. Oh, my.

Go, me!

So, now for the little give-away. Leave a comment telling me which season is your personal favorite and why. I'll send one random lucky person the set of four cards! Plus a little "something something" just as a surprise because I am oh so grateful that so many people visit my little blog. And I thank you.

Submission deadline is Tuesday, June 2, 2009, at 11:48pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time...a random time for a random drawing.


  1. Susan, these cards are CAS perfection! I love them all!

    My favorite season is fall. I love the cooler weather, the changing leaves, high school football...ah, just thinking about it makes me smile!

    I've got a giveaway going on, too, so stop by when you get a chance.

  2. I think spring is my favorite season. I love the first warm days when all you want to do is be outside, feeling the warm rays of sun on your skin. I love the flowers blooming, especially the tulips. I love that it means the end of snow.
    Your cards are so cute and simple. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Lovely cards, Susan! My favorite season is actually a tie -- autumn and spring -- because I love the uncertainty of transitions. Plus, I love the beginning and ending of each school year!

  4. Those cards are absolutely plain and gorgeous. I love them all.

    My favorite season is definitely fall, the beautiful colors, fresh start to a new school year, bonfires, ect. i love fall!

    I do love the first time the snow falls though, after that i hate snow too:p

    Spring would be good if it wasnt so muddy; lol.

    <3 I love all the seasons i guess.

  5. Lovely cards. I so enjoy your blog and your art. I would have to say Summer is my favorite because of all of the fresh fruit and veggies, the opportunities to go camping or be outside, and I just love the sunshine.

  6. I think Spring is my favorite - the multiple blended colors look very nice.

  7. I must have LateBlossom originals! I have quite the collection of originals from my favorite stampers, and these would play nicely with them. :)

  8. Hi Susan,
    I guess my fav. season is summer. I can be outside enjoying all kinds of fun with my little daycare people, bbq's with friends and family...relaxing times....
    thsnks for the chance to win....

  9. Oh my where do I start! These are simply adorable and your colours beautifully portray each season. Here in England we don't always get 4 seasons!!!! So when we get snow (rarely) I just love the magic of a white world and then there's Christmas so Winter is good. But when the crocus start to bloom I know Spring is on the way and just love that first burst of colour ~ everything renewing ~ wonderful. Then Summer ... sun shimmering on the sea, enjoying being out doors for long lazy days with family & friends. Then Autumn is upon us with cosy fires and the glorious vibrant coloured trees. Yes I love them all as I do your cards. Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  10. These are very clean and very simple, well done :o)

  11. My favorite season is spring. I love to get out in the dirt and see what is coming back, what I can put in the ground that is new and exciting. We don't get too hot here in the spring, but our summers can be scorchers! Right now we are marveling at the trees all in bloom in our yard and the soft new leaf colors that are all around us (finally)

  12. I live in Florida, so my favorite season is definitely winter, the only time it is not unbearably hot here. Jan and Feb days can often be in the 60s and sunny, which is a perfect day to me.

    I love your pure CAS cards!

  13. These cards are are all of your creations. CAS is definitely my style!

    I just love life, brand new flowers, just an overall feeling of renewal.

  14. Susan,

    I have only just recently discovered your blog (don't know how I missed it). I love your cards! Simplicity at its most beautifu! I love spring. I am not a good "winter" person and pine for the green and the colors of spring all through the winter months. I love the "awakening" and the happiness that shows on everyone's faces as they anticipate the warmth and fun of summer.

  15. These cards are stunning - I love how you make sets like this. Believe it or not, my favorite season is winter!

  16. Gee, Susan, I wish I was as clever as you. Great set! Spring is my fave...all those lovely tulips!


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