Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello, Friend

This card evolved on its own. I had no idea what I was doing and just went with it. First, I stamped the flower in Brilliance lavender ink, so IRL it's a bit shimmery. Then I stamped Friend in the lower right corner to balance the flower. Too plain. So I added the hello in lavender to carry the color to the other side of the card. Then I thought, gee, you need some black on the flower. So I fished the button out of my hoard. It looked fine, but a bit nekkid, so I found some lavender DMC floss. Better.

But the card still looked plain. So I got out my plastic L ruler and drew lines to frame the card.


After I finished, I realized there are three lavender elements and three black elements on this card. Three is a magic number in design. No wonder I was so happy with it!

Simplicity Tip: Don't attach anything or add Stickles to your card until AFTER you have the whole design finished. If I had glued down the button before finishing the design, it would have been nearly impossible to draw the line neatly.

stamps: PTI Friends til the End
cardstock: PTI white
ink: Brilliance lavender, Palette noir
accessories: L-shaped ruler, black pen, button, DMC floss


  1. CAS perfection, my friend! I love it!

  2. Just gorgeous! Caught my eye right away. You are right about the 3's!! Hugs, michelle

  3. It warms me to know that some of your cards are not carefully planned but just evolve as most of mine do. I had it in my head that as your cards are sooooooo perfect that you must plan them like a military operation ... you give me hope ;-)
    This is a beautifully balanced card ... 3 is GOOD.

  4. My cards never evolve this nicely. This is just stunning. Simply Perfection.

  5. I need to get an L-shaped ruler.

    Would love to see this on lavender cardstock--the flower embossed...

  6. Super WOW!!!! This card is way awesome!! tfs!!

  7. Stunning card..Loved that 3 elements part..even though you might not have planned it that way :D. And of course your tips. :D

  8. Susan, this is elegant and beautiful! I love this flower from PTI, and this is a great new way for me to use it! Thanks for your simply elegant style!

  9. PTI should be paying you a commission, because I'm going to buy that set - and I didn't look twice at it before - because of this card.

    When I'm at work and having a day from he!! (which happens all too often) I shut my office door and go to your gallery. Not for long, but long enough to feel refreshed. Thank you.
    Sarah (kegbo)

  10. aaahhh, perfection!! I love the box look and find my cards look 'finished' after adding it!! I love your 3's on this card :-)

  11. I have to agree...this is perfection!

  12. This is stunning! I love CAS and this is perfect!


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