Thursday, July 23, 2009

Warhol-Inspired Snowflakes

After I made the birthday card on this post for CAS23, Show Us Your Art, I got to thinking what other stamps I had that might work for the layout, which was inpired by Andy Warhol's butterflies. Snowflakes came to mind, so I pulled out all my snowflakes, all my blue inks, and went to work.

Overall, I'm okay with this one. I wish I hadn't used the light blue in the center...makes me think of trapped white space (white space that can't get off the page...a no-no in graphic design) and it looks wrong to me. Otherwise, it's a fun, eclectic card that, for some odd reason, makes me feel very pop culturish. *wink*

So what do you have in YOUR collection that would work for this layout? Why not give it a whirl and link to your version in the comments here? Could be fun!


  1. This is a great way to showcase a variety of snowflake stamps. I wouldn't have even noticed your pale blue flake if you hadn't mentioned it but I guess it does seem kind of light in comparison. This is the kind of thing where I would pull out a darker colored marker and try to highlight the area I was unhappy with to make it darker. Then one of my cats would inevitably jump in my lap right at the moment and make my arm shake which would cause me to scribble in a place I didn't mean to and ruin the whole card. So I tend to not try to "improve" on anything once it's done.

  2. OMG, this is fantastic! Super design.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration, Susan, both your butterflies and snowflakes are simply lovely. I have played with the same idea and my cards are here:


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