Saturday, September 26, 2009

Berry Christmas, Take Two

The poinsettia stamp from Berry Christmas is lovely. So clean and simple. I wanted to experiment a bit with the center of it, so I made the large, 5" square card using some really cool half beads that twinkletoe sent me a while back. They have this amazing, metallic-y gold/red thing going on that I thought would be perfect with the poinsettia. I was right. Totally a wow embellishment.

CAS Design Tip: To kick a CAS card up a notch, use one really cool embellishment in a very simple way. Here, I used three small half beads in each poinsettia, keeping placement the same in all three for visual simplicity. That way, they don't draw too much attention to themselves but still pack a punch. Does that make sense? I hope so.

I kept wondering if I should do something in the upper left corner to balance the sentiment and played around with ribbon tabs, which didn't work because the tab stood out too much. She was like a prima donna demanding far too much attention for herself. I finally decided to leave it alone and really like the way it turned out.

The smaller 3" gift card uses a cut-out poinsettia and yellow rhinestones placed over the stamped center (the set comes with a small stamp for the center of the flower). Remember, I wanted to use EVERY image stamp in the set. I don't really like covering the stamp center with rhinestones, though. I know, shocking! But it really looked better just stamped in summer sun. Also, cutting out this flower was less fun than I expected, so I'll likely not be doing that very often. The bigger card was easier, quicker, and turned out better IMHO anyway.

stamps: SU Berry Christmas; PTI Signature Christmas; unknown Merry Christmas
ink: SU real red, summer sun; Palette noir
cardstock: PTI white
accessories: half beads, rhinestones, dimensional


  1. Lovely. Great cutting on the flower on the gift card.

  2. Beautiful and a great layout idea. Really like your christmas blessings stamp, simple and effective.

  3. I am trying to resist buying this set, and you are not helping one little bit. Would you please post some ugly cards instead of your usual fabulousness?

  4. hey susan,
    i heartily agree with sharon D. how can anyone who already has a zillion stamps possibly need more?!! i, too, am trying to resist buying this set. i feel myself wavering. thanks again for lovely cards. they are striking and soo pleasing to this eye.
    marty ferraro

  5. Both cards are lovely! I do like the yellow gems on the cut-out flower, it's a great touch!

  6. So crisp and beautiful - love them both!!

  7. Marty and Sharon D,

    Why not go through your stash looking for similar stamps and adapt what you have? I have lots of Christmas stamps, but haven't bought many in the last three years or so. I was getting bored and needed to mix it up, but really, you could "shop" in your own craft supplies and improvise!

  8. Whoo. I was thinking the same as Marty and Sharon - this is a set I didn't even look twice at, but put it in your hands and on your cards and that "I MUST HAVE IT" feeling starts. Thanks for the good advice. I especially think it's true because I put all my Christmas stamps and paper away after Christmas and by this time of year, I don't even remember what I have, so it will all seem new when I do look!! (but I did get Signature Christmas - how could anyone resist?)

  9. Yes, Ardyth. Signature Christmas is a must for anyone who makes Christmas cards!

  10. Totally love the crisp and vibrant look! Outstanding!

  11. Oh these are so beautiful! I'm glad you left the top left alone on the larger card! I love it just as it is!

  12. I like both these. The flower centers are a nice but subtle touch - great tip.


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