Monday, September 28, 2009

Edging Tutorial

Several people have asked how I edge stamped panels with metallic ink. With the right materials, this is pretty easy to do.

Supplies Needed:
--Metallic marker (I like Prismacolor and buy them on sale at HL)
--Raised ruler (mine has a felt backing; a raised ruler won't wick ink underneath and make a mess)
--scrap paper

Step One
Start by placing your stamped panel on scrap paper. Align the ruler along one edge, leaving a little less than 1/8th inch of the panel showing.

Step Two
Prime the marker on the scrap paper to make sure the ink is flowing well. Then, starting on one corner, run the pen smoothly and quickly across the edge. Check to make sure the pen laid the ink down smoothly. If not, run the pen over the edge a second time before moving the ruler.

Step Three
Once you have a satisfactory line, carefully lift the ruler WITHOUT LETTING the inked edge touch your stamped panel. Wait a few seconds for the ink on the paper to dry. Rotate the panel, and repeat the edging for all sides.

Step Four
If you've notched the corners of your panel, as I have here, you can edge the corners free-hand with the marker once the straight edges are finished.

Here's the finished card, a 4.25-inch square using PTI's Stocking Prints and Signature Christmas. I really wanted to do this layout as a one-layer card, but it just didn't look right. I figured this would be a good card for the tutorial, so I went for it. I cut it out as a 3x3 panel, edged it, and made the smaller, square card. It was a quick and easy way to make a relatively flat, very simple card a bit special.

I hope these pictures clarify the technique because with just a bit of practice and some very inexpensive supplies, it's a super-easy way to kick CAS cards up a notch.

stamps: PTI Stocking Prints, Signature Christmas
cardstock: PTI vintage cream
ink: Brilliance Pearlescent Ivy, Palette Noir
accessories: ruler, metallic marker, dimensionals, ticket corner punch


  1. Fabby tutorial, Susan! That card is simply stunning!

  2. What a gorgeous card. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  3. I have purchased several brands of metallic ink markers and have been disappointed with the ink color. May I ask which manufacturer you are using? The gold sheen even shows up in the pictures!

    This card has so much eye appeal. Thanks for sharing your technique.

  4. Oopss.. never mind :-> I got so enthralled with the final product, my mind didn't see your first picture :-> Got it! Prismacolor!

  5. I have a pen specifically for edging. I get it at Walmart in the paint section - Krylon gold leafing pen. I actually wore a groove into it (on purpose!) by running it along an edge of chip board. Now I just run it along the edge of the c/s - perfect results every time (make sure you prime the pen first to ensure it's full of ink!) It's such an easy, classy, pretty edge. This approach negates the requirement for a ruler, which (for me) always leaves ink on the ruler and causes problems later!

  6. I wonder if our horrible Michael's has any of these pens. The final look is so stunning! Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Perfect tutorial, thanks! And Ardyth's tip is very helpful too; Krylon pens edging is so unique. Is there a brand for the felt-backed ruler? I haven't been able to find the perfect ruler for edging, yet.

  8. Thanks for another great tutorial Susan! Jo x Oooh, my word verification is 'finesse' - that seems so apt for your latest card!

  9. Great tutorial. I like the look of the metallic edging.

  10. Ardyth,

    Great idea! I'm so used to my ruler (been doing that for about 8 years now) but fixing the pen to do this would be grand.

    Thanks for sharing!


    There's no brand on the ruler but I bought it at an office supply store years ago. You could also make your own with a plain-back metal ruler.



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