Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Got Nothin'

Disclaimer: when I compose posts before my morning mocha has set in, you can expect a bit of silliness and lots of wordiness. It's not my fault. Or it is. I don't know. I'm too tired to make sense.

Today's card was not made by me. In fact, I wouldn't even know how to begin to make something like this because my skillz don't float in the ponds of gardening or paper-making. They sink like my firstborn seeing how long he can hold his breath at the bottom of the pool until I start hyperventilating with the certain knowledge that I will have to actually jump in the cold, chlorinated water and rescue him. Lordy, it's been years since that infant-and-child first aide class. I need a refresher. Plus, my hair would get wet. I hate that.

Anyway, I got nothin' to show you today from my own craft room. Lest you think I've been lazy, know that I have been making the cards to go with the SU stamp sets I'm selling and for the RAINBOW Base-Ten Give-Away that starts on Monday. Woo-whee, it's exciting!

But today isn't Monday. It's Saturday. So here's a card made by Lois, the mother of my dear friend Liz who made this card for me. Liz comes by her talent naturally. Lois and Liz are both master gardeners, and Lois takes flowers she grows and puts them in paper she makes. Then she turns her paper into fun things like cards and bookmarks and such.

The only part of this card I could duplicate would be folding the paper. Okay, yes, I am capable of wielding deco scissors, probably as well as Lois did here (and that's hard, folks!). But I don't have these deco scissors. Hard to believe, but it's true.

I just love how Lois chose flowers with shades of purple and lined the parchment-style paper with a mint green. Purple and green together are one of my favorite combos.

I've never met Lois. Liz and I worked together every business day for three years, and I heard a lot about her librarian mother and farmer father. Then, I moved away ten years ago and haven't seen Liz since. But we are always communicating via email and the occasional card. Then, a few years ago, Liz sent me a prayer request. Her mother had breast cancer. I hate cancer. So I started praying every day and sending cards to Lois every week or so. When Lois was through with treatment and happily doing well, she started sending me cards. And a daily devotional. And a handmade book mark. And she started praying for Jack.

And aren't cards a wonderful force for good in the galaxy? They are tangible representations of our prayers for each other. I'm sure the Lord approves. And so would Obi-wan Kenobi. If he were real. Which he isn't.

I'm going to fix another mocha. Right now.

Lincoln Update: Okay, the mocha has to wait a minute. The new CaringBridge update for Lincoln is up. When I read the paragraph about Darien, Lincoln's daddy, having his promotion ceremony at Children's Hospital, I started to cry. I remember what a big deal and happy day that was when George pinned on Lt. Col. Our boys and his parents were there. The auditorium at the squadron was full, and George's commander, Rich Clark, told really funny and embarrassing stories about George's stupid drunken days as a young Captain at McConnell AFB (where we first met Rich) and when they shared a tent in the big, dry desert in 2003. George's big day was full of family, friends, laughter, and celebration. It's easy to celebrate in the good times. The strength of character and faith exhibited by the Hammett family humbles me. Please continue to keep them all in your prayers.

Now, I'm off for another tissue and a second mocha.


  1. Love this card and the paper and the flowers. I dried wild violets between the pages of a phone book (with heavy books on top) once and made a card from them to give to my Mom. As a child I would pick bouquets of wild violets and give her - so that card had sentimental value to both of us. I'm having a very difficult time stamping today. And I have to get something accomplished for a deadline TODAY! Thanks for the link to Lincoln. I, too, was very touched by today's post.

  2. I love your posts, even when you say you got nothin'! They provide a daily dose of laughter, and if not laugh out loud laughter, then an inward smile that is so much needed. Thanks so much!

  3. thank you, susan, for putting yourself out there for us to visit with you. like Karen said, even when you say you have really have something. and it is always special, and heartfelt and meaningful. i just love our little visits everyday over my morning coffee. hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    marty ferraro

  4. What a lovely post! I just discovered your blog through a round-about way that I've already forgotten, but I'm so glad I did. I am a cancer survivor and a ChemoAngel and have witnessed from both sides what cards can do to brighten someone's day. Thank you for your wordiness! And this card from Lois is wonderful!

  5. Rambly post or not, I love your daily posts. The card is gorgeous, and I love the story behind it.

  6. As one commenter has put it, -- "Rambly post or not, I love your daily posts" and this card you received is gorgeous with a lovely, heartwarming story behind it :o)

    What a very special ceremony that must have been for the Hammett family!

  7. susan,
    i just noticed that you have over 85,000 visits to your blog. that is TERRIFIC!! it was only last september that you celebrated 20,000 visits. you are obviously doing something very right.
    and we REALLY appreciate you!

  8. Hi Susan, I just wanted to say I put a link on my blog to your blog and your specific postI enjoyed it so much (Your post the other day about "Using..."). It inspired me to do what I have needed to be doing for quite some time (like so many other crafters). I started with my paper scraps from 5 year old projects. Only true paper crafters really know how dated some of this paper is because new designs come out so frequently. How can anyone use up their stock (is that even possible?)? I love your style, and I love your humor. OK, well, check it out if you can...

  9. Hi Susan - you certainly deserve a break now and again. You put up so many lovely cards for us.Thats a lovely card from Lois and I am so happy she is doing well.

    Your cards and words are always so inspiring.

  10. What a lovely card to receive. How nice that she grew and picked her own flowers to create this.


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