Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun Gifts for Lots of Kids

Okay, what do you give all the little kids who hang with your kids, who live on your street, who are important to you but for whom you cannot or should not buy expensive gifts?

Candy, of course.

And you can make that candy festive and special by packaging it in fun ways. Here are two cool ideas for small packages of holiday candy for the kids in your life.

Idea #1: Tiny Stockings

These adorably small stockings came from Hobby Lobby and were on sale for cheap, cheap, cheap. But they are soft and fuzzy, red and white, and beyond cute.

Side Note: The white plastic basket is one of several I use to organize my projects in the craft room. They are also cheap, cheap, cheap at Target. If you're AR/OC, too, go get some. They're quite handy.

Idea #2: Small Paper Sacks

If you're feeling a little crafty (but not too much), here's an idea. I bought these white paper bags with a coupon at Michael's in the cake/candy section, I think. They are small...just tall enough to hold a standard candy cane. I stamped this PSX Merry Christmas on them, punched two holes in the tops and threaded ribbon through them.

These two tips are amazingly easy and quick. Just grab a few bags of holiday candy on your trip at the grocery, and in a few easy steps, you can hand out little pressies (as my family calls them) to all the little ones in your world.

In the comments, feel free to share your super-easy, inexpensive packaging tips for store-bought, wrapped candy.


  1. Too cute! Bet your boys enjoyed putting these together! Great ideas!

  2. Excellent ideas and both are so very darling. :o)

  3. Netting by the yard is very cheap ~ cut into 12" squares, layer 2 squares together (offsetting the points), place your goodies to be wrapped in the center, draw together and tie with ribbon. Fluff the tied up ends for maximum effect. Add a layer of plastic wrap if you are giving homemade cookies or confections.
    Merry Christmas to all!
    Carol G. in frosty northern MN
    (O at 7 AM, up from -10 this time yesterday)

  4. These are also great ideas for treats to give to the others who stroll in and out of your life. Next year I'll be sure to have a stash.

    I like those pre-decorated cellophane bags. They are cheap as well. I like to put clementines or satsuma oranges in them. Everyone loves them and their bright orange color is very festive, if in a non-traditional way.

  5. LOVE these cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cute ideas. I had a bunch of cellophane envelopes that I wanted to use up. I put bag toppers on them and they turned out really cute.

  7. These are both great ideas for hand out gifts!
    Love them both!


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