Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hero Arts and News about This Week's OLW Challenge

Let's start with the OLW first. Jennifer and I decided to skip the OLW this week, for obvious reasons, and Jennifer will resume the challenge next Wednesday. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Today's cards use a new stamp set I bought for my birthday from Hero Arts called Thoughtful Messages. I decided to use every image stamp in my birthday hoard before putting them away, and these are a very colorful part of that commitment. Oh how I love them!

How-To Tips: I stamped the flower on scrap paper three times and colored them with Bic and Sharpie markers. Then, I cut them out, popped them up on panels stamped with the sentiment. Add a spot of bling, black matte and colored card base, and there you have it!

These cards represent a style of cardmaking that is typical of Hero Arts, and one that helped get me hooked on cardmaking. Tuesday, I received my brand new Hero Arts catalog. I will carry it around like a security blanket for the next month or so before placing an order. Waiting to order keeps me from impulse purchasing and means that I end up really liking more of what I buy--not all, mind you, but I'm getting better at choosing wisely.

Do you have any tricks or rules you use to keep your purchases responsible?


  1. Gorgeous set of cards, Susan!

    I'm like you...I rarely buy on impulse. I wait to see the new releases, look at how others use them, think about how (or if) I'll use them...only then will I buy. When I first started stamping, I bought too quickly, then regretted it, rarely using some of the stuff I bought. I'm much happier now...and so is my wallet! :D

  2. A very classy set of cards. Even though I am a "blue" girl your top card with the orange and red appeals to me most.

    To try and make sure I don't make mistakes when purchasing I keep a wish list and after it has existed and been modified a few times I finally make my purchases.

  3. Beautiful! Love how you layered the images! Have fun picking out new HA stamps!!

  4. A super set of cards, love the flower design and such nice bright colours. I think the orange one is my favourite.

    Enjoy selecting your new stamps!!

    Will pop over to Jennifer for the OLW next week.

    Have a great Christmas.

  5. These cards are beautiful! I love them all!

    "Do you have any tricks or rules you use to keep your purchases responsible?" Lack of funds! LOL

  6. Beautiful cards, Susan! I keep an ongoing wish
    list and if an item stays on it a long time, I
    know I really want it. I wasn't as disciplined as
    you are, however, with the new Hero Arts catalog;
    I couldn't wait to purchase some of the new HA

  7. I have the hardest time using orange in cards. The color just never seems to be right. But, I just love your orange card. For some reason it strikes just the right balance. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I'm with Terry B., "lack of funds"...
    Usually I also wait to see how other people use the stamps, so I can have an idea. I haven't bought any stamp sets in a long time, because I feel like I don't even use what I already have!

    Love the cards you posted!


  9. First of all, fantastic cards. I really like the thin black frame; it really sets the flower & sentiment off. As far as impulse buying goes, what I try to do with every catalog I get is to dog-ear the pages of things I want, put it away for a week, and go back to it. Honest to gosh, sometimes I go to a dog-eared page and think "what in the world did I want on this page?!" However, this does not work when you have the item in your hot little hand (Michael's) and you just can't put it back!

  10. Beautiful cards as always. And I'm glad there's no OLW challenge this week. I've been so busy with Christmas events, preparations, baking, etc. that I've had no time for card-making so have missed the last few challenges.

    As for responsible purchasing, I do what several others and you do - dog-ear the pages of catalogues, watch for examples of people using new stamps, think about how I'd use them, and wait a while to be sure I still want it. I've only just decided that I really do want SU's French Foliage and the mini catalogue that it's in has been out since Sept 1st.

  11. When I first started stamping/cardmaking I bought indiscriminately. I wish I had all the money I spent on crappy stuff back then.

    I'm with you. Now I make wish lists. Revise my wish lists. Read what other people have to say about the items I'm thinking of buying (not so much for stamp designs)and...WAIT.

    However, when I do finally order, my orders are big. Maybe even huge.

  12. Tricks or rules? HA! I wish I did, truly.

    I just wanted to say that the cards are lovely and happy and that sentiment 'see the flowers smiling' is GREAT. I love it.

  13. Hi Susan, love your colourful cards.
    Here's wishing you and the ones you love the Happiest Christmas ever:0) xx

  14. Beautiful cards today... as I have come to expect! :P I can resist things online much more easily than if I see them in a store. Luckily for me (I guess!) I'm in a small town so don't have to worry too much that way!

  15. I love all of these. The narrow black mats really make the design pop!


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