Sunday, March 13, 2011

Papercrafts Color Inspiration Magazine and the A Muse Catalog--Edited

I picked up a copy of the Papercrafts Color Inspiration for Card Makers. It's fun, but all the combos (except the monochromatic section) include at least three but mostly four colors.

Can you see me breaking out in hives?

Here's the first card I made using one the color combinations from Color Inspiration.

Bravo burgundy, celery, and a pale purple. REALLY?!?! How does this work? How???

But it does.

It also helped me check this set off my Resolution list. I've now used every image in it. It's StampinUp's Kind Thoughts. I now only have three sets of StampinUp stamps with images I haven't used yet. Yippeeeee!!!

I paired Kind Thoughts' butterfly and medallion with a sentiment from Anna Griffin. The bling matches the bravo burgundy in real life, but it looks black on my screen. Hope your screen does better!

And now I'm shifting gears and sharing a few initial thoughts about the A Muse catalog....

1. I got my copy from the very kind and talented Krystie Lee. Thanks, Krystie Lee!

2. I adore well-thought-out, coordinated product lines. A Muse has it nailed. The colors are yummy, the stamps fun, and the accessories appealling. It's not at all overwhelming (a complaint I have with Papertrey's recent explosion of product) but the line seems nicely balanced and easy to grasp by my easily-overwhelmed mind.

3. I read somewhere on SCS that people thought it looked like SU's catalog. While there are certain layout similarities for the stamp sets and charts, the catalog is still distinctively A Muse. It's brighter and lighter looking than SU's catalog. The samples are fabulous, and my only complain is that there aren't more of them.

4. The prices for the stamp sets seem very reasonable to me. There are lots of sets under $10, and the highest-price set is $25.99. The sets are very useable...sentiments and images matched nicely. There is also a nice mix of outline and block images. I will definitely be purchasing some after I live with the catalog for a while.

5. I'm stiff-arming the papers and accessories for now (only because I have a yard-high stack of cardstock already collecting dust and jars full of ribbon and drawers full of embellishments...otherwise, I'd buy one or two of everything), but they are gorgeous. The ink, however, may be calling to me, at least in a few colors. Joan B did a review of the inks and pronounced them fabulous. I don't have enough ink. I'm convinced a stamper simply can't have too much ink. Too much paper, yes. But never too much ink.

6. There is one set that I highly recommend to any and all CAS stampers: Ovalicious. Four nice flat ovals that make perfect grounds for images. If you don't already have the A Muse ovals, BUY THAT SET. You will not regret it, and it's the best 7.99 you can spend. Seriously.

7. I'm tired and sick and have to go to bed. Nyquil is calling my name. But I'm going to dream about A Muse tonight. Such happy dreams....

Edited to Add: For those who haven't heard, A Muse has switched to a home-demo-based sales model, like StampinUp. To purchase the catalog, you need to contact a demo...both Krystie Lee and Joan B (links above) have signed up as demos, so you can contact them.

A Muse is also switching to cling-style clear-mounted rubber stamps (they used to sell wood mounted and clear stamps). I meant to mention that in the review, but got tired and forgot. Sorry about that! 


  1. I'm thrilled with this review. I have just recently been looking for good oval stamps, and haven't found any. Now I know where to go. Thank you! Can anyone tell me - is the AMuse website the only place to purchase AMuse stamps? I haven't used them before.

  2. Ah...this is so very pretty, love that single and very slim ribbon, perfection!

  3. I also meant to say - feel better soon!

  4. Lovely card! I like how the ribbon and the solid color butterfly add richness to the card!

  5. Well, shoot. I saw the oval set just today in my LSS, picked it up, thought about it, and put it back. Now I'm regretting it. Beautiful card!

  6. Hi Susan,

    Stunning card!! and yes, those colors do look good together here.

    I agree with ya! That A Muse catalog is too dangerous. I already placed my first order and it's not Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Something is definitely going around. I'm just getting to feel some what normal again. I wanted to thank you for checking in on me regarding the earthquake... you are so sweet. :o)

  7. Hi Susan--hope you feel better soon! I used to use Nyquil, but have switched to Alka-Seltzer tablets because they use aspirin instead of tylenol. I find they work much better with less after effects the next day, so you might want to give it a try. Meanwhile, your card is beautiful, as usual!

  8. Feel better soon Susan. Your card is delicious and I must check out A Muse too - I only have one or two of their stamps ......


  9. Lovely, lovely card. But I still want to know - is the ribbon treatment all around the card stock or cut off on the sides? I'll probably purchase the oval set because the only thing I can do to stamp an oval now is punch one, mask it, and sponge it. I do hope you feel better this morning

  10. Love the card. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  11. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm so glad you like the catalog!

    I absolutely love this card. The colors and placement, everything is just perfection!

  12. FAO Lynn (who left a comment on my own blog but who doesn't appear to have a blog of her own). I know a store in Lakeland (Florida) who stock A Muse stamps and should be visiting it very (very) soon too!
    Sorry Susan to take up space on your blog but I don't know how to contact Lynn.


  13. Gorgeous card, Susan -- I don't think I would have even attempted that colour combo, but you made it sing. Sorry to hear you're still under the weather.

  14. Hello there Susan, love your card, fabulous butterfly and wonderful colour combo. I hope you feel better soon:0) xxx

  15. What a stunning card! I love the butterfly flying off of the medallion. I would never have thought of adding a green ribbon.

  16. Thanks for the review, Susan! *mondo hugs*

  17. Great card, that butterfly really pops, I am messing with butterfly images atm. just coloured to use them :O) Viv xx


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