Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alphabet Art--Edited

Note: This is my second post today!

Those of you who read my other blog know I am a word nerd. Since words are made up of letters, I am also rather fond of the alphabet. The last card I remember making that featured the alphabet was this one. I like today's 5" x 7" card even better.

The idea for this card came from a picture of a wall with a random alphabet collage on it. I thought the picture was on Marta's Pinterest boards, but now I can't find it. Whatever. I wouldn't have made this card without seeing that picture, wherever in cyberspace it is.
I'm just not that clever. So thanks to some clever decorator, I made this card.

Edited to add: Thanks to reader Malyn, I can now give the link to the inspiration photo. Thanks, Malyn!

First, I pulled out a bunch of aphabet stamp sets. Sadly, this represents less than a third of my total alphabet sets. I know, I know. I have a problem. I. Don't. Care. Because if I didn't have such an awesome selection, I couldn't have made this card. So there.

Second, I said a prayer and started stamping. I wanted to put a word in my alphabet collage, and art seemed appropriate. Color is the only defining element for the word: art is in Bahama blue (Memento), and the rest of the letters are black, dark brown, and tan, which I tried to arrange as randomly as possible while still holding true to alphabet order.

Finally, I added punctuation because there was a little awkwardness in my random placement. The punctuation filled in the holes, so to speak, and made the whole composition more balanced.

I love punctuation.

Yes, I was an English teacher. Why do you ask?


In other news, I just noticed that Simplicity has 499 followers. About a month ago, it passed 1,000 email subscribers. March 20th is my two-year blog anniversary.

Put these random facts together, and clearly we need to celebrate. Oh, yeah.

Just wait.

stamps: a bunch, mostly StampinUp and Hero Arts, with a few Papertrey thrown in for fun
ink: Memento Bahama blue, black, rich cocoa; SU close to cocoa
paper: PTI white
accessories: none


  1. I adore this, Susan. I just became your 500th follower. Could have sworn I already was a follower (officially), but I wasn't!!!! What the heck?
    Love your style, Susan. Congrats on your upcoming blog anniversary and your strong blog following! :)

  2. Brilliant. Lets just say for today that one word sums up my feelings!

  3. Your amazing stamping and sense of humor are the success of this blog! Congrats on such a HUGE milestone! PS: Thanks for making this card (well, any card of yours)LOOK easy to make!

  4. Love your card, AND your writing! You actually reminded me of a stamp I bought last June at a stamp show in Illinois, and have never inked up! Hmmmm....I even know exactly where it is! Well done, teacher!!!

  5. I just became your 501st follower (what does that mean? Do I get an email every time you post?) I have been visiting your blog everyday since I discovered it about 4 weeks ago, and read almost all the previous posts.

    I looove your style. Now, I don't just buy a pretty stamp on sale, but try to imagine a card on your blog with it first.

    You have a great influence on my journey to find my own style. Thank you.

  6. I may have found your inspiration in Marta's Pinterest: alphabet wall

    I wanted to do it but don't quite have the collection you have. No matter how reduced yours is, it's still far more substantial than my collection of 2.


  7. Another fab card from you Susan and congratulations on your 501 followers - I'm lagging WELL behind you!


  8. I think I'm only an unofficial 'follower' but that doesn't mean I'm casual about reading your blog first thing every day....and your sense of calligraphic style is great....ever think of taking up far as I can see you are graphically there already!

  9. Glad you prayed. Divine Intervention. Lovely results. Love your writing. 50% of the reason I read your blog.

  10. Oh, YAY! Will there be a party...with hats, balloons and cake? Can't wait! (ya know I lurve your blog! - definitely NOT grammatically correct! LOL!)

  11. I love looking at your blog every day. Sometimes I learn about a new color combo, placement, or blogging's all good. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. Keep up the inspiration!

  12. FABulous card! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary - Your blog is great!

  13. I like this card. A lot. I don't like unnecessary punctuation. Yours is totally necessary. :P

  14. What a great card and so different from the usual, love it x


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