Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Rest of the Little Things Winners!

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who posted comments for the Little Things Blog Anniversary celebration! I enjoyed reading all the little things that make you happy in so many areas of life. I also want to thank the Sue in South Carolina (you know who you are!) who sent me a microfiber cloth of my very own. Big hugs, prayer buddy!

If you're lucky enough to be listed below, please send me your snail mail address at susanraihala at woh dot rr dot com.

Day 4's winner of the glitter and glue pen is...

Charlotte, who said...
I will be copying the fine glitter trick -- sometimes my cards need a bit 'o bling. I use a lambswool duster to clean the cobwebs and dust from upper ledges and shelves and angles on high ceilings. Love that little thing. You can also immobilize a spider in it and transport it safely outside.

Day 5's winners of the Smooch are...

Christine - Cndn Stamper, who said...
Great cards. I haven't tried Smooch yet, I have so much that I didn't want to like anything new in case I need it multiple colours. Your ink enabling was bad enough! I used to happy with just my SU inks - no longer... Another story. My favourite piece of jewellery is a pair of small garnet earrings that my DH gave me even before we started dating. I should have known then. Anyways, they are on small hooks, like the old fashioned dinner sets with pewter wire coiled around them to look like flowers. They always make me feel loved.

Brenda R, who said...
I am always loosing earrings from the cheap to expensive ones, so I tend toward inexpensive ones that my niece makes from beads. I wear the "fish hook stoppers" and that doesn't guarantee I won't loose one. My favorite jewelry is a three diamond ring with white gold made by a CA designer in a very unique design that does not have the standard "prongs" to hold the diamonds. Sorry I don't have the exact words to describe it, but it is beautiful to me.

Day 6's winners of the metallic Prisma markers are

Susie, who said...
Casting Crowns - Jesus, Hold Me Now. I must look at your tutorial to see how you get the lines straight.

Cassie_lu said...
beautiful card and my tops has got to be any song by Toby Mac. Really not picky about which one of his as long as it's him singing :)

Finally, Day 7's winners of the scissors and dimensionals (which will not ship until I receive the dimensionals on my SU order) are...

stampjourney, who said...
Lovely card! I love using dimensionals--they just add that little perfect touch! Someone framed our wedding invitation with beautiful pressed flowers. It's on a shelf and I smile every time I look at it.

Nancy L., who said...
lots of pictures of my family :)

Congratulations, everyone!


  1. so exciting to see my name. I emailed you the snail mail addy :) Thank you.

  2. Oh boy! I won! I'll send my address. Thanks bunches!!

  3. well done to all the lucky winners


  4. Congrats to the lucky winners.

  5. Oh my gosh! I can hardly wait to tell the rest of your Groupies in my card making club. Thank you for everything you do for us and for my presents.


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