Thursday, August 18, 2011

Excuses, a Request, and RAKs

Believe it or not, I've only been able to make one card since I returned from vacation on Sunday.

I KNOW!!!!

But coming back from vacation and jumping straight into the back-to-school chaos has inhibited my mojo and made me fall into bed wiped out every night, when I would ordinarily retreat for an hour of cardmaking after everyone else is in bed. Since I posted the one card I made yesterday, I have nothing of mine to post today. Never fear, however! Scroll down for some lovely inspiration in a few more RAKs I received last month.

Awkward non sequitur: I have a friend who's going through a very bad time right now. If you get a chance, please pray for all cancer survivors who are trying to move forward with living. It seems to me that the doctors nearly kill you, declare you cancer-free, and abandon you? How the heck do you process all that and move forward with living with the uncertainty that the cancer might return? As if that weren't enough, my friend's husband left her the day she was declared cancer-free. Um, yeah. Sometimes life just sucks.

Now for the request. If anyone knows of online cancer-survivor resources that might help my friend, please let me know. Links would be muchly appreciated.

And now the truly fabulous RAKs...

Check out the outlining on Linda's pretty rose...I could never do that!

Sue used one of my favorite stamps, colored beautifully, and a bit of bling, plus a great color combo!

kegbo (Sarah) definitely made me laugh with her cute nurse and blinged ribbon

Perfect coloring and outlining (again!) from Sue Berker

Thank you, ladies, for brightening my days with your lovely work. All of these will join the other handmade cards I've received this year...on my inspiration board in my craft room.


  1. Hello! Have your friend check with the oncology social worker at the hospital where she received her treatment. She/he should be able to point her towards online and local resources.

  2. Can you please tell me which company makes the fantastic flower that Sue used in her card? I must make it mine!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your friend.If I find a online support group I will send another comment.As for the cards you posted - you could certainly outline a design. I saw the technique on the PTI blog. It'a a Copic sketch marker T1. I bought one and made a card with an outline. Thanks for sharing.
    Dorothy C.

  4. Your friend's hubby should have his gonads chopped off! The nerve of hiim - no man in my books. COuld go on but won't or I'll be typing for hours. Don't have any links to send your way but if I find any I'll forward them as I have a fried who survived breast cancer recently and she many have a few.

  5. Not sure if this will help your friend or not:

  6. Lovely cards. So sorry about the difficult time your friend is going through. Maybe this website would be helpful? Best wishes to her from another survivor.

  7. I wanted to let you know I will be keeping your friend in my prayers. What a nightmare. I don't have any helpful sites, but if I come across one, I'll be sure to let you know.

  8. Susan, it is hard to believe your friend's husband could do that, no matter what the reasons. I hope she will investigate It is a site my niece began using when her two small daughters were born, 2 years apart, both with cancer. Without treatment, the first would not have survived 2 weeks, but is now a cancer-free 7 year old. Her sister is a cancer-free 5 year old. Their story is an amazing tribute to God and to the medical profession, and Care Pages has helped in so many ways. Your friend is in my prayers.
    Anonymous, the stamp set I used for the fantastic flower is SU's "Oh, so lovely." It's a gorgeous set I've used for cards and notecards, and I know you'd love it!

  9. So sorry to hear about your friend's experience.
    Unfortunately it is not a surprise to me as a
    cancer survivor. I will email you.
    Lovely RAKs!

  10. Oh Susan, I feel for your friend. While I am sure cancer survivor specific resources would be wonderful, I can't help but think any good councellor, therapist, or psychologist would be beneficial if she cannot find someone with a specific link to cancer support. The key word being 'good' !!

  11. I know exactly what you mean! My husband has just been through cancer treatment. The whole ordeal started in Nov of last year. He ended up in the hospital in Jan- side effects of the treatment. Spent 3 weeks in the hospital and then came home. He was a total emotional and physical wreck. He has been able to go back to work but he is so exhausted when he gets home. He is still so physically weak from the treatment. I see him getting a little stronger very slowly. His job is so stressful too and that does not help. I am stuck in this mind set of illness and it is hard to move on and resume your normal life. Even though the whole time you are going through this all you want is your normal life back. I go through periods where I don't want to do anything even the things I enjoy. I had a rough couple of weeks recently where I didn't even feel like making cards. (That's pretty bad for me.) I don't know of any groups though. It is really a rough road to travel and you can't understand until you have been down that road. It is very unfortunate that your friends husband felt he could not hang in there. I do understand it. It is a very difficult time and really tests a relationship. Cancer patients have all kinds of emotional issue that can really wear down the other person. Card making has been the way I tired to maintain my feeling of still having a "normal" life. I will keep your friend in my prayers.

  12. I hear ya about that crazy back to school chaos! I spent over $100 yesterday JUST on school supplies!!! That doesn't include backpacks, and school fees.
    I am so sorry about your friend, Susan. Just last night on channel 5 news, there was a great segment about a support group for people with cancer and cancer survivors. Sounds like it is just what your friend may need. Here is the link:

  13. Such pretty cards you've received, Susan. and what a true friend you're being.

  14. Sorry about what your friend is going through. Here's a link to check out:
    ...not so much an online resource, but the book's author beat cancer on her own terms and does have a newsletter and some very good resources.


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