Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tweaking When Something Almost Works

Sometimes, you have a great idea. You know it's going to look super-cool and make you giggle with glee. Then, you execute the idea and, well, it just doesn't turn out quite as you wanted.

Sometimes, the mistake is insurmountable and requires the services of a circular file. But most of the time, you can work around it or cover it up, if you just think outside the box.

When I sat down to make this one-layer card, I expected to use the rock-and-roll technique to ink the oval table so it was shaded like the copic-colored coffee mugs. But when I stamped the oval, it looked icky. The darker tangelo ink didn't blend well with the canteloupe and looked awkward. It's a one-layer card, so there's no place to hide the mistake. Instead, I pulled out my colored pencils and created the shading the rock-and-roll technique did not give me.

And it is good.

Don't you love this sentiment? Caffeine sure makes me feel this way!

What is your drink of choice? I'm generally a black coffee drinker, but I also enjoy some herbal teas, hot chocolate, mochas, frappes, and other foofy drinks. 

I like wine, too, but that's a whole different stamp set, LOL!

stamps: A Muse
ink: Memento
paper: Gina K (perfect for coloring with copics because it doesn't bleed through!)
accessories: Corner Chomper, copic markers, colored pencils


  1. We only drink tea in our house - herbal, and an occasional chai latte. Your card is cute, and you did a great job shading.

  2. Coffee...several times a day...with cream and sugar. Mmmm.
    Love your card...sentiment is perfect!

  3. Excellent save on the card! It looks great. I drink tea, tea, tea, wine, tea. Yep, that's my average day. :D

  4. Great save with the pencils; the oval looks excellent. I am also a black coffee drinker, a herbal tea drinker and the occasional indulger in starbucks seasonal mochas.

  5. I start my day with a couple of cups of coffee, with vanilla soymilk in it. I can't stand how sweet my husband's flavored creamers are, but black coffee is out of the question for me. Later in the day I drink tea as well, very often chamomile. It cures just about everything:)


  6. Black Java morning, noon and night and lots in between. Love your card and the table is perfect. I am amazed at all the tiny stamps you have. Guess I will have to make a trip to the good ol' US of A to find some. Can't wait to see what you create next. Thanks so much for all that you do.

  7. It's not too hard to rescue cards, but rescuing 1-layer cards is pretty darn skilled!!! Excellent card and perfect sentiment


  8. Fantastic card and colourscheme. Love it.

    My drink of choice is DECAF coffee!!!! Give me caffeine and I turn into a CRAZEEEEEE woman! Also like herbal teas and frothy hot chocolate.

    The "other stamp set" choice would be Bacardi & Coke!

    Hugs, Sandra

  9. totally crack me up!! I wanna come over and have a glass of wine with you....we could stamp while we were drinking although some of the mounts may end up crooked...giggle.
    Fun card, I drink coffee too, doing that right now as I read your blog first thing each morning.
    happy stamping.

  10. Beautiful card. I think I must CASE it! I drink decaf Starbuck's coffee. Two cups every morning. When we eat out I almost always have coffee. I also drink water all day. I like iced tea, but again, it has to be decaf. Coffee is black, tea needs a little sugar or honey - no other sweeteners. A big treat for me is when we are near a Starbucks and I can get a cappuccino - of course decaf, but I like them with extra shots of espresso. Not a big wine drinker or any other kind of alcohol. Food is my vice.

  11. Turned out great. Sometimes I stamp off once when I use the rock/roll tech. I love coffee. With cream from the Dairy - I have it delivered each Thursday. No sugar. I have been making Essiac tea for my hubby and I have a glass of that now and again.

  12. Almost every morning I make a mocha java protein shake for breakfast. I mix milk, instant coffee granules, cocoa powder, vanilla protein powder, and a sweetener (I use stevia), in my blender with some ice. Sometimes I add flavorings (I'm currently on a peppermint kick and add a few drops of peppermint oil). I only really enjoy drinking hot coffee when it's cold outside (I'm ALWAYS hot, going through menopause ;) Love seeing your blog daily, Susan, you do AWESOME work!

  13. Like Diane, I "create" my morning drink! But, mine is a hot drink made from coffee crystals, "no sugar added" hot chocolate mix, almond toffee liquid creamer, and HOT water! Aaaaaah!!!!!

    Have to say...I think you were BRILLIANT and DETERMINED to make your card WORK with a TWEAK!

  14. Brilliant save i would have binned it oops and a complete black coffee drinker and an odd gin n tonic Luv Sue x

  15. Diet Pepsi fiend here... and great save, btw.

  16. Tea!!! Black tea (love Earl Grey), green tea (especially Jasmine), herbal tea - depending on time of day, my mood, what I'm eating.


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