Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Last Christmas Card for a While

Today's Christmas card should be the last for a while. I'm itching to try to some other themes, and should have time Wednesday to create something new. Coming back from vacation a week before school starts feels a bit like drowning in details, if you know what I mean.

Today's card demonstrates the principle that lines love curves. The frankincense definition is very linear and block-ish, and the flourish from Papertrey's Silent Night balances that blockiness (is that a word?) nicely. The bling, of course, needs no reason, although I deliberately used an odd number of them as odd numbers generally look better than even numbers. Generally.

I have no idea who made the definition stamp. It was on a cube with three other Christmas definitions (gold, myrrh, and Christmas). I unmounted them because the cube was hard to store and hard to stamp. Ah, the hazards of trying to store a hoard of stamps most effectively!

And speaking of my hoard of stamps, the For Sale Page should have everything I have for sale at this time posted on it Wednesday morning. It's a tab page on the blog website, so if you read Simplicity in email, click over to the blog and check out the tabs, which don't show up in your emails.

I'm giving DARLA one more chance for the $20 SU paper stack. Darla, your email address was undeliverable, so I need you to send another email with a correct email address if I'm to sell you the paper. I need to hear from you by Thursday at midnight Eastern time, or I will have to post the stack for sale again on Friday.


  1. What a perfect card! I love the bling on the flourish and the rounded corners of the text block.

  2. What a wonderful card! I have peeked at your blog from time to time and swoon every time. I'm going to become a regular stalker... I mean follower.

  3. And to think you have inspired me to start my own Christmas cards... and now you're stopping for awhile? Oh well, at least you've left me with this beautiful card to admire, and maybe CASE! :P


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