Thursday, January 12, 2012

Staggering Images in a Triangle

If you've been reading Simplicity for a while, you know about the rule of threes and visual triangles. Three things are more interesting, generally, than two, and if you can arrange those three things in a triangle, boy howdy you've got something. But how do you balance the triangle?

Try something like this.

These heart stamps come from a very old Stampin'Up set. The tallest is in the middle (slightly to the left of center on the card) and was stamped first. Then, the left heart was stamped slightly below the midline of the background area so it spills outside the background slightly. Finally, the third smallest heart goes even lower down the background, which leaves the perfect space for the sentiment and adds some visual weight to the right to balance the fat heart on the left.

The leaves on the stems are arranged with the same placement, with the largest leaf in the middle and the two smaller leaves lower down. There is a LOT of pattern happening on this card, and the very stable arrangement of images surrounded by a crisp, white frame, keeps it from looking chaotic.

Yesterday, I received my first order of the year from Hero Arts. I used Creative Play, and let me tell you, my package arrived in record time after they called to confirm my address since it's new construction and their PO program didn't have the address listed. They even included a free Sakura stardust pen! I'll get a chance this afternoon to unwind in my craft room with the new goodies after two potentially stressful meetings today. New goodies!!! Yee-ha!!!!!

stamps: Hero Arts (background), SU (hearts, discontinued), Papertrey (sentiment Love Birds)
ink: Memento Angel Pink, Tuxedo Black; SU Real Red
paper: Papertrey
accessories: none


  1. What a pretty card. Thank you for taking the time to explain your design. There is so much to learn!! Will you be posting pics of your new craft room?

  2. Another beautiful card - you never disappoint.

  3. Great tutorial on placement, Susan. There's a lot of thought that goes into the perfect card, much more than most people think. This is lovely, because of that placement. BTW, this comment would have come sooner, but first I clicked on Creative Play, and my life wasn't my own for the next half hour. Can't wait to see what you picked!

  4. Love this card, and thanks for the tutorial on card placement. You have articulated everything so well. Thanks.

  5. Love this one Susan, the placement of sentiment and images are perfect as always. Hope we get a peak of the new craft room.

  6. Thanks for the tips Susan. I need to learn these.

  7. "double Yikes wow this is so cute", I said in my best 13 year old voice...I simply stared and stared for a few seconds then moved down to the words describing it...then back up to the card and down to the words...I enjoyed viewing this for several minutes and have copied, pasted and saved to CAS...still shaking my head as I out did yourself this time!!!
    patti moffett

  8. I have to admit, Susan, that I have a lot of trouble seeing triangles. I'm terrible at those optical illusions too. I see a beautifully balance card design and the red and pink of your challenge. I hope to try my hand at a red and pink card this weekend. Congratulations on your new home. Hopefully your craft room will be all set up soon. It's lots more fun to craft than to organize though.

  9. Love this design. I haven't seen that stamp set before... Stamping the hearts on that gridded B/G makes them pop!
    I check your blog every day - I've learned SO much from you. Thank you!

  10. beautiful job. I tried making a red and pink one layer card yesterday and failed. i swear that I must be allergic to anything "challenging"!!!


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