Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pink and Orange

Let's talk color today.

Have I ever told you about the sympathy card I received that had a far-too-perky color combination? It struck me as deeply weird to receive such a happy card on the outside that said "With Sympathy" on the inside.

That card violated unity of good design, which says that all the pieces parts (or, in design-speak, elements) of a design must reinforce each other and make sense together. The element of color can dictate the mood of a card far more effectively than almost any other design element, and when you choose an overly cheerful color combo for a somber card, the clash will definitely be noticed.

The great thing about color, though, is how many shades of each there are, which means color can be an incredibly flexible design element. Ordinarily, pink and orange make a spunky, high-energy pairing, but today, I used soft shades of rosy pink and a darker, pumpkin shade of orange for a more subtle card that just barely borders on cheery without being in-your-face perky. 

Which is perfect because the sentiment, while acknowledging the recipient's trouble, points toward the positive of God's support. The hints of happy orange indicate the temporary nature of trouble, while the pinks are soft and soothing and girly. A little sponging around the edges adds to the soft effect and emphasizes the sentiment.

This card has already been sent to a woman in our church who's going through a rough time. She's girly and Southern (with a capital S) and generally quite cheerful, and I made the card especially for her.

Tomorrow, we'll look at another approach to color using this sentiment for a slightly different purpose.

stamps: Papertrey Everyday Blessings (I think), SU Summer Silhouettes
ink: can't remember, but I think it's VersaMagic, or maybe VersaColor
paper: PTI white
accessories: sponge, half-pearls, dimensionals


  1. I agree with you that color plays an important part in reflecting the mood of a card. I have seen sympathy cards in what I felt we're inappropriate colors - being too bright and cheery. The shades you chose for your card wonderfully reflect positivity. Thanks for a wonderful lesson. I have a better understanding now of why I need and should use various shades of any particular color.

  2. Lovely card and couldn't agree more on the colour scheme of cards.

  3. Beautiful card and just the inspiration I needed for a sympathy card. I have that Bible verse on an old SU set. Thanks!

  4. Spectacular card! I think this concept also bodes well for masculine cards, too. Use bright colors, but perhaps tone them down by using the grayed tones. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I so agree with everything you said about sympathy cards. I've always been puzzled by sympathy cards that have bright colors and too-pretty stamps. These two elements are entirely appropriate in cards meant to cheer someone up, but I shiver seeing them on sympathy cards. Your use of color, and your explanation, is so great! Your card is lovely, and would cheer up anyone. Thanks for another great lesson.

  6. Very nice card using pink and orange. :)

  7. I just have to say "thank you" for the comments about sympathy cards. I've seen many in the past and just the other day I saw another one on a blog that just made me question what in the world the card maker was thinking! I've never studied art or design, but it just seems like common sense to me that all the elements of a card should work together to create a "mood". (Oh, I forgot! The world is very short on common sense these days!)

    But, anyway... thanks for bringing some common sense to your blog readers along with your cardmaking expertise.

  8. These toned-down colors are entirely appropriate, especially knowing who it's going to. Garish colors may even be appropriate for an old hippie who still wore tie-dye until the day they died, but it's generally not in good taste. Words and sentiments should help bring peace and understanding. Bright, garish colors just don't send that vibe. Nicely done, as always.


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