Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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The two smaller punches are from Martha's line, the large is a Marvy. I think.

The glitter paper is from Michael's, and it's thick. Really thick, as in "I broke a punch on this paper, but thanks to Ellen Hutson, I replaced the punch."

That's thick. I have this paper in silver, gold, dark blue, light blue, red, and green. You can expect to see lots of it in the next couple of months because, you know,



Sue asked why I choose to use VersaColor ink sometimes, as I did on THIS CARD. Basically, I fell into a rut of using only my Memento inks for a long time, but when I got the new inks and had issues with them, I decided that I sorta kinda oughta use the scores of other ink pads in my hoard. Since then, I've used Brilliance, VersaColor, Memories, and other inks whenever the urge strikes.

I did a review of inks on my Favorite Products page, so you can read all the details there. I dislike mixing thick inks and dye inks (they just look so different) but often pick one or the other because of color selection. I have LOTS of those little VersaColor cubes, which means a pretty great variety of colors. They are never blotchy like the Memento inks, but if you don't ink the stamp up evenly, you will get some gradations of color, giving a shaded look that sometimes works out well, sometimes not.

One other comment about inks. If you stamp mainly on white card stock, you are free to use any inks you want, without worrying about matching card stock. Simplicity has its advantages here. I love how easy it is to stamp when I don't have to worry about matchy-matchy. 'Cause you know, with my OCD, matchy-matchy can be a bit of a burden.

Just a bit.


  1. Susan, I know what you mean if it is the 12x12 sheets of Michaels glitter paper. I bought a few sheets for my Christmas cards but could not punch through it at all. Ended up ordering snowflake dies (also from Ellen Hudson - fastest shipping on earth) because I really need a snowflake on my cards, but even the dies barely cut through it!
    Love your card!

  2. Your card is perfect for Christmas or winter. If it weren't for the time it takes to replace the punch every few punches ;-) you could whip up a bunch of these in a hurry. Love it.

  3. Simply stunning, Susan! Bummer about breaking your punch though.

  4. Very pretty! There are other types of glitter paper out there that are much thinner and just as nice. They are hard to find though. I have several sheets of some really nice stuff; with no idea of the manufacturer. : (

  5. PS. I don't think you can have enough sizes and styles of snowflake dies. They just look so pretty scattered on a card.

  6. Yep, I have quite a bit of that very thick glitter paper from Michaels and I would never chance breaking one of my precious punches on it! I will only die cut it. On the very first card I ever made, I had tried punching some glitter paper that was not even as thick as Michaels' paper and I felt that it was just too much for the small but sturdy heart punch I was using. I find many of the lever punches to just not seem strong enough for much more than basic cardstock. I've even read that many people find that the medium MS punches as well as her regular size edge punches won't even punch SU's cardstock so even though I have not had that particular problem, it has caused me to be pretty careful with them. I know a lot of people don't like to deal with loose glitter, but if I want punched glitter shapes, I just make my own... punch the cardstock shape and then add the glitter myself.

    Always love a good snowflake card! And if it glitters it's even better. I can't get enough snowflake stamps, dies or punches or enough glitter... not that I end up actually putting glitter on very many of my cards. As much as I love it, it does have to fit the card.


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