Thursday, October 4, 2012

Variations on a Sketch--Part 4

Today is my last day of variations on Stephanie Halinski's sketch, and it's the loosest interpretation.

Loosest. That makes it sound promiscuous.

But in design, that just means that it took liberties.

Ohmygosh, this card is a slut!

Pretty, though.

Pretty cards can get away with anything.

The variation involves turning the card from portrait to landscape orientation, using a vine stamp repeatedly to create the diagonal, and arranging the sentiment completely differently to guide the eye across the horizontal rather than diagonal.

I'm not sure about the sentiment, though. I think it would look better if both happy and birthday were in the same font.

Anyway, live and learn. Vary the awesome sketch. Play and have fun.

But not too much fun, if you know what I mean.

stamps: Papertrey Turning a New Leaf (vine), Out on a Limb (berries), Botanical Silhouettes (sentiment)
ink: VersaMagic
paper: Papertrey
accessories: nada


  1. Oooh, you're right, this is so pretty! How ingenious to use the sketch this way. And I love the 2 different fonts. This is lovely.

  2. You are too dang funny. I absolutely love this card :)

  3. Adore the card! LOVE your commentary!! The whole series of cards from that one sketch have been delightful. You rock!
    Lu C

  4. I agree, sooo pretty. I think this is my favourite variation

  5. As for me, it's a best tuch of sketch!

  6. Great card! Thanks for the lessons :)

  7. Well, for whatever this says about me, slut or not, this is my favorite adaptation of the sketch.
    So glad you are feeling better.

  8. I love how "soft" this is. Or is it that it flows? Anyway, this is my favorite. I think if the two fonts were above and below each other and not the vine; it might be more eye pleasing. But, maybe not.

  9. LMHO - Beautiful, nonetheless :)

  10. I think I like this version best, and I like the two different fonts, particularly because the "happy" is pointing towards the design. And because the design is across landscape, it doesn't look as angled.

  11. Yup, this one is my favorite too!

  12. I love the card and especially, the 2 different fonts. "Happy" just looks so HAPPY!

  13. Beautiful colors and design. Really lovely!

  14. I love this card too! It has leaves and berries and lots of white space--just my type! I think I agree with you about the two fonts though. Usually I love mixed fonts in a sentiment, but because these are separated by the vine, I think having one font would tie the two parts together better. But the card is very pretty as it is too!

  15. Aaaaahhh, love it. I must have some slut in me. It almost sings to me with its perfection. There's no reason sluts can't be lovely. The colors are 2 of my favorites, and I'm a font fanatic, so the use of these 2 together in perfect balance with the slanted design really makes my naughty parts tingle. Tee hee!!!


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