Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Essential Glue Pad Review and OLW118 Link

Lots of people have inquired about the glue I used to stamp the three trees from PTI's Through the Trees on THIS card.

Well, I used the Essential Glue Pad from Tsukineko, which I bought because Julie Ebersole told me to. Not me, personally, mind you. She just recommended it on her blog and, easily enabled as I am by the likes of Her Royal Rubberness, I ran right out and bought the kit.

Here's my review of it.

It's "good enough for government work," as we say in our house. Not perfect, but then, I've not found any other product that does what it does as well as it does it...and I have looked. It will hold the ultra-fine glitter I used firmly enough to stand up to light rubbing, although any excess just hanging on or not firmly stuck will rub off easily.

In the end, the stamped image will stay as crisp as glitter will allow.

It will also hold flock, but not very thickly, so using bright or dark colors works better.

At least, that's my experience. Individual results will vary.

I haven't had time to stamp at all lately, so no card today. I was sad to miss the 40% off stamps sale at Archivers...spent all day Monday getting new tires for my car (so painful as three of the tires were still quite good, but all-wheel drive cars require four tires of similar tread, so when one goes, they all go--OUCH). Then, Tuesday, I had the last meeting of our Disciple 4 study, followed by a luncheon. Way more fun than Monday, but alas, no time to drive to the nearest Archivers, which isn't so near.

Enough whining. Shopping and volunteering today, but hopefully, I'll have time to stamp something!!!

Don't forget the OLW118!

It's snowflakes on Cheryl's blog, and I just LOVE snowflakes. Some fell here in Ohio yesterday...not enough to accumulate, but enough to make me feel like Christmas was coming!


  1. So cool you're taking the Disciple class series. I've done 1 and 2 so far.

  2. Thanks for the insight on glue pads. I've often wondered.....if you took Elmer's washable liquid glue, mixed it with a little water, and then spread it on a paper towel as a stamp you think it would work? Or hurt the stamps? Sounds like an after-Christmas experiment to me, and using a stamp I don't much care about just in case!

  3. You can try it, Sue. I doubt it would hurt the stamp unless you let it dry on the stamp, but I honestly think Elmer's even without water would be too runny and not work very well and probably warp the paper in the bargain. The Essential glue is really thick and sticky. Maybe a good paper glue like Scotch tacky glue or the mono adhesive glue in the white and green bottle would work that way.

  4. Hi there! Have you ever tried Flitter-Glu? It is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! Seriously, the glitter just DOES NOT come off! And it works on fine stamps too...have a peek on my blog, I have a few on there using it :)
    Lizy x

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts review. I've used the Essential Glue Pad with much success, especially with flock. It works the best on non-porous surfaces such as vellum and glossy paper but it will work very well on matte cardstock with some extra care. My favorite way to use the glue and flock is making DIY damask wallpaper background paper (black on black looks and feels especially nice). The secret is to smoosh/burnish the flock or glitter into the 'sticky' with your fingers (I actually hold the flocked/glittered piece in both hands and use my thumbs to first gently press in the flock or glitter and then press harder and rub just a little).

  6. I too have used Flitterglu and it is indeed amazing. It goes on tacky, rather than having to wait or heat and wait etc. And it's proper tacky, like a thin layer of PVA glue. It does foiling, flock and glitter really well.

  7. The Tsukineko Essential Glue Pad I have won't even hold ultrafine glitter. I tried it for New Year's cards and the glitter was constantly EVERYWHERE. So little of it stuck where I wanted it to stick. I love all the other Tsukneko products I've ever tried so expected the glue pad to work but it didn't. I have not tried other glue pads... just gave up on it since a good company like Tsukinedo's didn't work. I sometimes think about trying to make some kind of "glue pad" of my own since I'd love to be able to "stamp and glitter", but so far I've been too lazy to try it! LOL!!

  8. I knew someone would have had a bad experience, and I'm glad you shared, Colorado Crafter! It seems to me that most stamping products have either bad batches or uneven response depending on user variations. That's why I said individual results may vary!!!


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