Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Goodness and Lots of Weirdness

I placed a huge order of stamps about two weeks ago and have barely had time to play with them. Something tells me I need to work on my time management so I have more stamping time, or perhaps I just a time-turner.

Darn that JK Rowling for giving me ideas. Life just isn't complete without owl post and time turners, you know.

This new goodness arrived last week, not magically or surprisingly, but quite fabulously nonetheless.

I started with Square Prints, designed for me personally by my stalking victim best friend Maile Belles. She keeps designing for my style so beautifully, it's like we're sharing a brain (name that movie) but she got all the talent. Isn't she the best to share it with us? Even if she did get that restraining order....

My first card with the set reminded me of my best friend in high school. Her parents' kitchen was decorated with a lattice-pattern wallpaper in bright green and white, and I always thought that was the prettiest kitchen I ever saw.

Do you ever make a card and find that it reminds you of the past? Perhaps the fabric of a dress you wore in fourth grade, or your grandmother's gnome collection, or the lining of your grandfather's coffin?

That last may be too morbid for some of you, but I'm going to a funeral today for the mother of a friend from church, so please don't take it weirdly.

And speaking of funerals, have you read The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books by Alexander McCall Smith? I love how his characters describe the deceased as late. "That lady who is late..." It's never a simple adjective, as in "the late Abraham Lincoln." It's always that person who is late, as if they are just running late to a meeting and will be there eventually. They aren't gone, just late.

That thought makes me happy today. J's mom is now late, but he'll see her again eventually.

Anyway, back to my question. Do you ever make a card and find that it unexpectedly reminds you of the past?

stamps: Papertrey Square Prints, Mega Mixed Messages
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey
accessories: dimensionals, flower punch


  1. Only somtimes do I find cards remind me of things out of my past. It's more likely that I am inspired by something from the past and then try to replicate it on my card. Oh how I wish I had a time turner as well. As for the "sharing a brain" line, is it Freaky Friday?

  2. Yep I can see Maile designing on your page! She was made for you! :) Love what you did with these military cards -- awesome job!

  3. I LOVE your CAS cards, guess that's why I follow your blog LOL
    Yes, there are times that a stamp brings back memories of something good.

  4. Super happy to see some of your new purchases. I always love to see what you do with your stamps. I am a huge fan of Alexander McCall Smith, too.

  5. Love the simplicity of this card, and isn't Maile's Square Prints just awesome? In fact, I truly like her style. Never heard the expression of "late" being used as in the deceased running late but always as an adjective. Learn something new everyday, and that's another reason I enjoy following your blog. Great job, Susan!

  6. Cute card, Susan. Square Prints is on my wish list, and I'll get it as soon as I convince myself that I really do need more stamps. Can't wait to see what else you create with it.

  7. Perfection, and you are right - this set has your name"all over it" :)

  8. Lovely card. I'm looking forward to seeing your new stamps in action :)

  9. Susan, as soon as I saw this set, I knew it was made for you. I think I even left a comment to this effect on an earlier post. And I couldn't wait to be inspired by how you would use it. Well, the wait is over! Great card.

  10. Okay, now I am going to need the comfort food set after I see you use it!! And I need a time turner as well!


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