Sunday, March 17, 2013

OLW131--Green, Orange, and White

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

Ardyth's OLW this week draws its colors from the Irish flag, and I'm happy to play around with green and orange anytime! Of course, I took liberties with the shades of green, but I doubt Ardyth will beat me with a wet haggis.

Oh, wait. Haggis is Scottish. And really nasty, by the way. I tried it. Once.

Well, I doubt Ardyth will drown me in a vat of Irish stew just for using the wrong shade of green. Pear Tart is, after all, such a delicious color.

4.25" square card

The first card proves that sometimes, all you need is ink. I just love this little $5 set from Papertrey called Wonderful Words: Hello. And the card is pretty self-explanatory.

Allow me to pause for a moment to express my feelings about these $5 sets PTI is churning out. I. LOVE. THEM. At first I was all skeptical, thinking more is better. But I'm falling madly in love with these small sets as they are simply perfect for CAS stamping. Of course, you don't get points toward PTI's free sets when you buy them, but hey, that's okay. I didn't like the last free set anyway. Too busy. But that's just me.

See how I used a single stamp from the $5 set Sew Simple Borders and a sentiment from Quilter's Sampler. Fun! Clean and simple! Yay!

Thanks for the great challenge, Ardyth!

stamps: Papertrey Wonderful Words: Hello, Sew Simple Borders, Quilter's Sampler
ink: Memento
paper: PTI white
accessories: none


  1. I had haggis that was amazing! It was homemade,and was like a lovely flavored meatloaf. Was long ago, and I did not get the recipe:(

  2. I had mine at a touristy place in Edinburgh. It was yucky, but I was the only person in my group brave enough to even try! Everyone else got hung up on "in a sheep's stomach". I'd try it again!

  3. So funny because my husband is Scottish and loves haggis. I haven't had it (despite many trips to Glasgow and Edinburgh!) Love both the cards - the cleverness of your 'stitched' design is amazing! Thanks for playing along!

  4. See...Ardyth didn't haul out the haggis! Brave soul for trying it--not sure I would. But then, I like okra... Anyway. Really pretty CAS sunshine card-love it, and the little stitchy one is sweet. Might have to investigate these little sets! Bev

  5. these came out great. I particularly LOVE that second card. I thought about this challenge and came up with bumpkus!

  6. Beautiful card, Susan! And fyi, you do build up points with any purchase (including card stock, $5 sets, everything!) at the rate of 1 point per $25 spent. It's cumulative, so buy enough of those $5 sets and you'll have the points. Which you can spend on anything they sell, not just the anniversary set. No, I don't work for PTI! just wanted to share how the points are done now.

  7. Love the cards. And love the small sets too. I've purchased many of them. I have this hello set - great set. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I love the Get Well card. Your use of the stamp is wonderful. I am a Scot by birth (don't live there now) and I am sorry to say that I do not like Haggis and I have tried several times. However, my daughter loves it and had it at her last dinner party.

  9. How cute is your second card? Seriously, cute. I use the $5 sets more often than the higher priced sets. Now they do count towards your points. You earn a point for every $25 spent.

  10. Card is great - so is Haggis - properly made of course!! We have it almost every Burns' night - although we live in Northern Ireland we are British but most of us originated in Scotland and you folk would call us Irish....or Scots Irish....what a mess!!!

  11. I couldn't agree more about the $5 sets. Love them to bits, use them all the time, and have both the Hello and Sew Simple Borders (one of my all time favourites). I especially love your stitched card. The placement, the colors, the symbolism. Everything about it is interesting.

  12. Gorgeous colour, Susan -especially "peared" with the deep orange/red (sorry couldn't resist it!

    I can vouch for haggis being delicious, I've had it many times - it does cause alarm though, when explaining the "packaging" - LOL1


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