Thursday, March 14, 2013

Square Prints Again

Oh, yes, you'll be seeing this set for a few days.

Sadly, I just fact-checked the movie quote from my last post, and I got it wrong. It should have been: "It's almost like we have one brain we share between us." Wow, I was off, and yet I was stone-cold sober. The movie, by the way, was A Mighty Wind. It's blowin' you and me.

And yes, I've had two glasses of wine tonight, or I would have found a different line from the movie to end the previous paragraph. But motherhood drove me to drink. Some days are like that, and it's so nice being a cheap drunk.

Fewer empty calories that way.

You see, I spent two hours this afternoon at Kohl's with a teenager--who couldn't find a single shirt in the boys' or men's departments that made him happy--and his younger brother--who spent that two hours whining repeatedly, "Can we go home now?" Then, we came home to bickering and arguing that forced me to send the younger child to his room.

Finally, the dog, who was professionally groomed yesterday, went out and rolled in the mud and grass (and probably poop, but I'm not going to think about that), and then tracked dirty paw prints all over my wood floors.

I didn't run away or kill anyone. I just drank two glasses of wine, and I want full credit for that.

But now, the children are alive and in bed, the dog is alive and sniffing for popcorn crumbs in the carpet at my feet, and I'm sharing a card with Square Prints that's perfectly sober and straight.

All those straight lines and right angles required a sentiment that had some curves, and I just love the sentiments from Papertrey's Botanical Silhouettes. Unfortunately, it's an anniversary set and not available for sale on PTI's website, but you might pick it up used online. It's really fab!

And now, I'm going to drink a very large glass of water and go to bed. While I'm away, I'd appreciate it if you'd share your day in the comments, especially if it involved something really fun and good that didn't require two glasses of Cline Cashmere sipped slowly before, during, and after a pathetic meal of Velveeta Shells and Cheese and microwave popcorn.

Please let me know that someone had a nice, normal Thursday night.

Thanks in advance.

stamps: Papertrey Square Prints, Botanical Silhouettes
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey
accessories: not a blessed one


  1. Susan, I laughed until I coughed and coughed. Sorry about your day...But you made mine a little better with your post--I'm recovering from some violent virus, and now I feel better. Thanks. No kids at home now, but I do have a three boy story for you. I'll pop it into an email though, as it might be too long for the comment section. Oh!, Great card by the way. Love it totally. Bev

  2. Days like that are hard to make it though - had my fair share of them. Yeah for a good glass or two of wine.

    Nothing exciting about my day today, but here is a link to a You-Tube clip you should get a good laugh out of :)

  3. love the colors on that card. gorgeous design.

    my day = work is unspeakable on the net. evening was impromptu pizza date with mike followed by stamping. so no complaints here! hope tomorrow is better for you.

  4. Oh, you go girl! You definitely get full credit for being so restrained.

    I am waiting for DS to finish his pre-bedtime dinner, don't ask, before brushing his teeth. No story hour tonight. That says it all.

  5. Sorry about your tough day, Susan. Hopefully, your tomorrow will be better. We're empty nesters, and, believe it or not, I am sometimes nostalgic about days such as you had today... Your card is so cool - no one does CAS like you.

  6. Ah, those were the days! I admire your iron willpower at stopping at two glasses.

    My day was taking one aged parent shopping, then trying to return a digital SLR camera that other aged parent had bought which turned out to be unsuitable (and un-returnable - digital media therefore data protection issues). All made better by chicken satay and fried rice, using our newly acquired Thai cookery course skills, and two large G&Ts. Happy days.

  7. Yesterday was my "two glasses of wine" day -- shopping at Claire's with an almost 11 year old while her older brother whined to go home. Today I was very thankful for wonderful neighbors (and slightly sad about moving away this summer). One of my neighbors had seen a soup I had pinned and bought all the ingredients so we could make it together. Time with a friend and dinner done -- not much can beat that!

  8. "Mama said there'd be days like this" (sing with me). "There'd be days like this my mama said." Sorry about your bad day. I remember one or two exactly like that about fifteen years ago. I had a good day, yesterday -- but I couldn't pull myself away from the computer. The March Madness children's poetry competition has begun on Ed Decaria's site called Think, Kid, Think! Both amateur and professional writers coming up with some wonderful (and sometimes very funny) poetry for children.

  9. Sounds like a day my daughter has when taking my teen grandson clothes shopping. My day was calm and dinner was a Mexican pizza from a local store that sounded awful to me but John wanted to try it - and it was really delicious. I get up so early in the morning that I normally don't make it past 9p.m. Hope this is an easier day for you.

  10. Cleaned up dog puke twice, grandson puke once, attended boring meeting. Came home to a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and coconut, day ended well. Love your card as always!

  11. We are on day 8 of spring break at my house. It's a miracle everyone is still alive! Two glasses of wine sound like a much better plan than running away with the gypsies (which I did consider yesterday.)

  12. "consider the corn, consider the wine,
    One's in a hurry and the other takes time!
    If inly the two could just combine...Corn wine"

    Hope this quote from A Mighty Wind brings a smile to your difficult day

  13. Your post was too funny. I do so love your humor (and cards!)and look forward to your posts every day. I didn't need 2 glasses of wine yesterday. I had a peaceful evening watching some tv and playing scrabble with friends on my i-pad with my devil cat curled up beside me (he hisses at me when I have to get up). Hope today is a better day! Oh, and my grandkids HATE to shop,too, so I make it a point NOT to shop with them. It's not worth the aggravation. I left them home with Grandpa last weekend, and he let the little guy have one of my Dove ice cream bars!!!

  14. Stunning card with brilliant colors and design!

    Yes, my day was as normal as normal can get....feed the cats, wipe up the muddy foot prints, craft....feed the cats, wipe up muddy foot prints, craft....feed the cats, the muddy foot prints can wait, pour wine, craft :)

  15. Sorry you had a bad day ... ended beautifully with such a delicious card though. Not sure I can call any of my days normal ... moved enormous stones, shovelled sand, moved bags of lime, mixed lime mortar, rebuilt wall ... made dinner, we ate (unfortunately no wine at the moment), cleared up, blogged ... a day in the life of a renovation! Anita :)

  16. We had such a lovely early spring day. I was actually HOT when I took a break from work to walk up to DDs school to pick her up (she's been good so I let her skip aftercare). I know it's a ruse, that we still have some winter left, but we've had such a winter that I had forgotten what warm sunshine felt like! Oh, and my daffodils are poking up out of the ground - that always makes me happy. The rest of my day was much like yours, wine and all, but the sunshine helped get me through the day. Cheers!

  17. I have two teenagers and a husband who acts like one a lot, so I understand your pain. Luckily my two kids were at staggered practices (not in the same house at the same time, so no arguing!) I was able to watch an NCIS episode, get ready for bed and read for an hour before shut eye. Some of us did have a good night and hope yours improves tonight.

  18. Beautiful, sunny & mid 40s, almost spring day here in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Had my 4 year old grandson for the afternoon. I was TRYING to get myself organized for what I would bring to my crafts group get together-ya know, doing some stamping and some cutting for cards I would assemble at the meeting. Well, first he wanted to know what the Grand Caliber was. So we had to cut some things with that. The the Cuttlebug-for some reason he liked that better. Then he had to help me cut stuff. Needless to say, I needed to cut some of the card bases again :). But then the stamping-we had purple deer, red wolves, blue trees, etc., etc. Then we had to make a card with them, but before we got very far with that, he lost interest and wanted more blueberries. Well that was the end of that! So much fun! And I still managed to assemble 11 cards for OWH to finish filling my box. And today it is snowing, he is coming back for a couple of hours, but I think we will not be working in the craft room;8.

  19. Oh, and PS to my previous post-I know just where you are coming from with the day you had-a glass or 2 of whine, I mean wine, was definitely called for!

  20. The card is really good and I love the swashy word 'you' in the you know how hard it is to get a lovely 'swash' with a pen in's a confident 'flick of the wrist' in calligraphic satisfying when it is right..a stamp is so much easier but I don't have points to get that set....maybe in 10 years time LOL!
    My day - quite up...wait for it....9. some brushed my too short hair...had coffee....had early small snack as was heading to the dentist for a clean and polish (interested to know how much that costs in a National Health Dentist in the U.K.? £10 - maybe around $18?)
    Went to Marks & Spencers to shop - saw the most beautiful peachy pale pink roses which I knew would suit my friend down to the ground and bought them....then went to deliver find her lying listening to the radio and resting as she was heading out to a St Patrick's celebration tonight. Then her friend arrived with a Big Shot on loan for 2 weeks as her CB had given up the ghost....home to cook a steak and now relaxing as I am bushed! No wine - can't stand the taste....I'd go for a strong coffee - and then I'd not sleep for hours and hours!!

  21. You were my chuckle for the day! Your shopping experience is so like mine with my 31 year old daughter. How is it that out of 50 pairs of jeans, none of them look right!!!! She amazed me in December, though, by finding the perfect wedding dress in the first shop after only two hours! Wine with mac and cheese:) Classy!

  22. Love it - the post, the card - it all!
    From my favourite film........"tomorrow is another day" :) or something like that!!!

  23. See, I KNEW you'd take this set and run with it - love it!

  24. Love the card! Funny, while you were spending 2 hours in Kohl's with a teenage I was spending 2 hours in Kohl's with my husband. He couldn't find a single pair of shorts in the entire store that weren't too short, too long, too big, too small (how do these make my butt look?), wrong color, too old looking or too young looking... I didn't have wine I had half a bag of dark chocolate M & M's!


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