Monday, July 29, 2013

Clean and Simple Epitomized

This card represents everything I love about clean-and-simple style.

Here's what I love about it:

1. Fresh, bright colors of lime and aqua...pure yummy
2. A single tiny bling
3. Punctuation used as decoration...asterisk flowers ROCK!
4. Clean and very readable combo of classic serif and sans serif fonts
5. All that glorious white space
6. The fact that it takes so many words to describe what I love when the art itself is so very, very un-wordy

Never, ever underestimate the power of this very basic, very clean, very easy layout. And never, ever assume that because it's easy, it's not worth your effort.

Clean done right is always worth your effort!

Assuming, of course, you like it. If you prefer complexity, layer and embellish to your heart's content. The world is big enough to handle all our styles.

But this is mine.

Clean and simple.

Be still, my heart!

stamps: Hero Arts asterisk (discontinued), Papertrey Faux Ribbon (sentiment)
ink: VersaMagic
paper: Papertrey
accessories: rhinestone


  1. I am thinking of selling some of my cards. Like you, I LOVE clean. I LOVE simple. My friend is selling hers for $3 a card and can't keep up with demand. She does lots of layers. Lots of embellishments. AND bling! I am wondering if I should my cards for less than that because they are less work. What do you think? (We are selling our cards side by side in the same venue)

  2. Beautiful card! You are so correct in your observations. It is perfection! :)

    If I can give my opinion on jkbrochad's comment....I don't think that a CAS card should be cheaper than a conventionally embellished & layered card since to me, it can take just as much if not more "design" skill to create a perfect, balanced clean & simple cards, so really they aren't less 'work', they just use less materials...but much of the work is in the design concept. I think it is harder to do a very good clean & simple card that is appealing. :)

    1. I agree! I find there are buyers for all different styles - stay true to your style and don't undervalue your work. (as an aside, quite often the (I guess I should limit that to MY) CAS cards take way MORE material - it's just most of it ends up in the recycling bin and the purchaser never sees it! lol!)

  3. I'm in total agreement. There's just something 'right' about a beautiful CAS card. This is what it's all about. I really need to do this kind of card more! Absolutely lovely. Bev

  4. Simply perfect! The colour combo, bling, design.

  5. OH! I have those stamps I could make this! Great colours - this could be a great gift set - different colours and sentiments! I tell you in these days of mixed media (which are beautiful, but I have NO idea how to do it), I'm glad you're standing your CAS ground. I will be too!

  6. I could never make a card this simple. It would feel kind of naked, if you know what I mean. However, I admire your design skills. The placement is perfect, and the colors are fantastic. Somehow it works so well when you do it!

  7. This is CAS supreme. I wholeheartedly agree with the other commenters re pricing a CAS card for sale. It takes great skill and expertise to create a lovely CAS card.

  8. Anyone would be hard-pressed to come up a CAS card more perfect than this. Top notch, as always. Nobody does it better than you. {can you hear the music playing?}

  9. Anyone would be hard-pressed to come up a CAS card more perfect than this. Top notch, as always. Nobody does it better than you. {can you hear the music playing?}


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