Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This, This, This, This, That, and the Other (Oxford Comma Included)

1. For any of you having problems loading photos in Blogger, try switching from Compose mode to HTML mode for editing. The photos should upload fine in HTML. My issues are now resolved, though, and I can upload in Compose mode, so this seems like a temporary glitch. Thanks again to Carol for the tip.

2. Reader jkbrochad asked an interesting question on my last post here. Here's what she said:

"I am thinking of selling some of my cards. Like you, I LOVE clean. I LOVE simple. My friend is selling hers for $3 a card and can't keep up with demand. She does lots of layers. Lots of embellishments. AND bling! I am wondering if I should my cards for less than that because they are less work. What do you think? (We are selling our cards side by side in the same venue)"
Several other readers encouraged her not to undervalue her cards, and I agree. Upscale card stores (Papyrus, Crane) sell super-CAS cards at a premium, so why shouldn't we? Good design is good design. I've always believed that using high-quality materials and doing CAS perfectly results in a product that is every bit as valuable as a highly-embellished card. Not all buyers will see it that way, but a lot of them will, and if anyone gives you attitude, give them my email address. I'll educate them.
3. For the record, I am extremely committed to the clean-and-simple style of card-making and cannot envision a day when that will change. I preferred that style for years before I even thought about making my own cards. White space has always made my heart happy.
I stopped apologizing a long time ago for not making cards that take days to create...for not waiting for modeling paste to dry or twirling paper for quilling techniques or hammering flowers to print on paper. All those techniques can yield beautiful results, and I profoundly admire the crafters and artists who do them well.

But they don't make me happy. Believe me. I tried.
Taste is taste. It's subjective, highly variable, and incredibly diverse. Never, ever apologize for loving what you love. If you are like Tanis and dozens of other readers of this very simple blog and want to layer and embellish up a storm, go for it with gusto! If you want to make simple cards as well and perfectly as you can, just do it. If you want to make all sorts of different styles, do it all.
And if you ever feel like sending me a card, send me something you loved making, something that  made you giggle like a school-girl with glee, whatever your style. I will love it and appreciate it, too. Because this hobby is just about the best thing since cave painting, and I think we all ought to support and encourage and celebrate each other no matter our differences of taste or skill level.

And that's all I have to say about that.

4. I'll be posting a couple of boxes of stamps for sale on Wednesday.

5. The OLW challenge this week is on Ardyth's blog. It's awesome!!!
6. Here's your periodic reminder about the Use-Your-Stamps Challenge! Today's cards all use stamps from an old Hero Arts set in the simplest of ways.
Water drops on leaf

 Orange You Happy?

Bling for Bling's Sake
I varied the last one just because I could. No real reason to do so. I love these leaf/tree images and the wood-block print feel of them. Blinged up, they make me smile.

I hope you're smiling, too!

stamps: Hero Arts
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: bling, corner rounder


  1. Those are really pretty....and NOBODY does CAS like you. You ROCK!

  2. I agree, Handmade is 100% unique no one can find or buy anything like it as for me I sell my cards at five dollars a piece you can see them at www.PearlGateway.com

  3. I also agree that clean and simple cards done well can be just as nice as cards that have many layers Susan these cards are so pretty I love them!!

  4. I love what you said and it took me a long time to realize that we all have a style that we feel comfortable with and we don't need to apologize to anyone for the way we do our cards.

    I have always loved your style even though my cards are fussy ones :)

  5. LOVE your CAS cards, and what you said is soo true! I feel great joy in making a CAS card as much as I do when I get one all inky. I just love making cards and using my stamps!

  6. Very well said! I love CAS cards but have a really hard time with them so I rarely make them. I love your blog and look forward to seeing what you create each day.

  7. What a great post. I totally agree....thanks for reminding us to be true to ourselves as sometimes we get lost in a sea of overwhelming inspirations.

  8. I'm so glad you said that! I LOVE all styles as well, but like you, I am the best at CAS and that's what makes me happy creating. I've tried the other styles and just wasn't as happy with my cards as I am with my CAS ones. I feel like you just read my mind! :)

    I also love these green and orange cards...CAS perfection. :)


  9. I just love your style. You are absolutely right that you have to be true to yourself. The beauty of a handmade card is as much about the feeling you had making it as anything else. If you look around at the stores, there is a market for every taste, style or lack of both.

  10. Love your perspective on this...I am easily intimidated when I see beautiful fussy cards...this reminds me that MANY people prefer CAS...sometimes the planning/design can take every bit as long as a fussy card. You inspire me, Susan. Thank you!

  11. Love point number 3! I kept thinking I should learn to make one layer cards as my style is basically CAS, but I'm only happy if there is a bordering layer around my image. It took awhile to accept just doing what makes ME happy and not trying to emulate others (such as you), even though I really, really admire their (and your) cards.

  12. Great post and great cards. Love that single big funky leaf - one image can definitely be enough, especially when it's that interesting!

  13. Dilemma for the day: Which to love more -- your cards, your blog, or the Oxford comma?

  14. Beautifully CAS and well said Susan :) Cathy x

  15. Excellently said, Susan. And excellent CAS cards.

  16. Beautiful cards! I love the added bling in them. :) Very wise thoughts on how to price your cards, I've been thinking about the same thing since I make cards in different styles. I kind of think CAS cards should cost more than for example vintage cards (with a ready image from collage sheet) because in CAS you do the thinking more yourself and make everything more from scratch. However, if selling different style of cards next to each other, I would price them all pretty much the same. I found your blog a couple of days ago and am happy I did! Your surname sounds Finnish to me, am I right? Greetings from Finland.

  17. Welcome to Simplicity, Nonni. And yes, Raihala is Finnish. My FIL's mother left Finland when she was 8, and his father was a first-generation Finnish-American. My own heritage is European-American Mutt (Scotch-Irish, French, Canadian, English, and a little Swiss for good measure), beginning with the Mayflower. Most of my ancestors were in America before 1750. It's been fun connecting with my husband's more recent heritage (his mom is half-Italian, the rest Scandinavian, and she's third generation American).

  18. Wow, Susan, so many cultures and nationalities in your family! That's very rich. And how cool that you know about the family tree even hundreds of years back. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I love these cards, especially the surprise placement on the third.

    I totally agree that one layer cards are equally valuable because they take more care to create. I don't do "door stop" cards, as I call them, with tons of layers, lace, etc., but I generaly have a variety in my shoebox ranging from one layer to 3 or so, and I price them all at $3. If someone thinks that's too much for a one layer card, they are free to choose one with more layers. It's actually quite entertaining to watch how certain people will be drawn to simpler cards, and some people are mesmerized by sparkly!


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