Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Neon Trend

The whole neon trend has been around for a while, and here I am, bein' all trendy.

Notice that there are two main images, each representing a "friend", and I created a visual triangle with the bling, even though there are four of them. Also note that the green asterisk is on top but the green bling is on the bottom near the sentiment. That ol' switcheroo was on purpose, and I rather like it.

This card makes me think of the 70's and elementary school and my embroidered bell-bottom jeans.

Darn it. Now I feel old.

So much for trendy. Unless old is the new young. That's a nice little delusion to live with, don't you think?

Yes, I'm tired and going to bed. Good night.

stamps: Hero Arts
ink: Hero Arts neon cubes
paper: Papertrey Ink
accessories: rhinestones, Sharpies to color the rhinestones, corner rounder


  1. Don't be feeling old, Susan! While the shapes may be reminiscent of the 70's I distinctly remember wearing neon (from earrings all the way down to the shoelaces in my shoes) in the 80's - complete with the big hair too! Fun card!

  2. Beautiful simple card. Trends may come and go but style is eternal !

  3. Regarding being old (not sure which punctuation to use here) my memories of elementary school and our method of dress are even older than yours! Think outdoor toilets. And yesterday's Oxford comma...I'm all over that! I thought I was the only person alive who still uses it.
    I am your biggest fan here in Lowell Michigan and cannot start my day without browsing your blog. I'm a big copycat and thank you for all the great ideas.

  4. I'm not generally taken with CAS, although I usually do like your cards. I'm a layers kind of person, but I really like this one, especially the neon colors.
    Oh, how I remember those years (late 60's, the 70's). I LOVED the designs on the bottom of jeans and such as it meant I could finally have pants long enough for me! I am very tall, and they didn't make jeans and such for girls/women in longer lengths (the guys never knew how easy they had it). I could buy wide embroidered trim and add length to my pants so they were long enough! Started me on a life journey with my love for sewing.
    Thanks for all your tips and design inspiration.

  5. Love the scale and the fun colours!

  6. I love this pop of neon~fun "young" card Susan! ;) I love acting young with my teens. Reality check hits when I dance in their presence. Apparently there is a "mom" dance????

  7. You've taken 70s retro and made it totally cool. Love your neon flowers and bits of bling. And as always, beautifully CAS. Bev

  8. You've taken me back to the late '60s when everything was better in neon. Neon still makes me happy. The rounded corners add an additional fun touch to an already cheery card. As always, thanks for the design lesson.

  9. You've chosen a wonderful neon color combo. I so want to finally get on the neon bandwagon, but I'm not sure when it will happen.


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