Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Little of This, a Little of That

1. Jonah is doing better after his bout of RSV, although now Ben, Jonah's daddy, has the upper respiratory crud. I've delivered cards the past two Fridays but because they've been sick, I've not gone inside. If you've sent a card and it's been delivered, your name should be on the Jonah Card page. If it's not, let me know. I actually did miss one name during Christmas, so mistakes can be made. By me. Because I'm fallible. Oh. So. Fallible.

2. I have received more cards from some of you, and now's the time to share them. There's one more I've received from Anne B. that still needs to be photographed, but y'all need to know how much I appreciate every single card you send me. Happy, pretty mail!!!!

Pam S. totally rocks negative space.

So does Janet, but that metallic snowflake steals
the show.

And Heather's sparkles so much in real life that even
George said, "That is a REALLY pretty card!"

3. Click over to the One-Layer Simplicity Challenge Blog for Heather's Can You Repeat That? Challenge! The design principle of repetition is so fundamental and can already see the incredible variety in the entries! Have fun with this one!!!

4. My card for tonight is, unfortunately, the best of about ten cards I made with Papertrey's Springtime Doodles...

which leads me to believe that doodle-style stamps are not for me...or I need to put my thinking cat on.

Awwww, that's so cute you're bound to forget my card, which isn't terrible but is rather uninspired. Sometimes we buy things that we think should work for us but don't. I'm not giving up on the set yet because it really is ideal for making kid cards (regarding which I am excessively challenged), but I have some other new stuff to play with right now, which leads me to...


I went a little arrow crazy because I bought Hero Arts Borders and Arrows set, but the arrows in it are huge. I wanted some smaller ones, and now I have them. All because I saw these dishes last summer on vacation in northern Minnesota. Oy.

And that's enough for one night.


  1. You received some beautiful cards in the mail! I got the blog candy you sent in the mail yesterday--many thanks for the sparkly gemstones! Love 'em!

  2. I have the SC set, used it many a time. Would love that mama elephant stamp set - I've got a triangle happy card that will post on the blog tomorrow.

  3. Your card is cute, Susan. It will be fun to see something you really like that you make with the set. I also received my blog candy from you - thanks! Those cards you received are so pretty.

  4. So glad to hear Jonah is better. I have been lax in my cards to him as I was in TN with my grandson who had some fairly major surgery. I will get some more cards made for Jonah this week.
    I love the cards you received from friends and am happy to see them on your blog. I think the green one is my favorite but I really like them all.
    You are too hard on yourself! I think the card you made with the new set is very very cute. I feel like you are not "into" cute and that may be why you don't like it very much, but I think it is quite nice. The colors go with the images perfectly and it is a real pop of happiness in a kind of drab February landscape.
    The dishes you saw in MN are interesting. I would not have thought of arrows on dinnerware. I think I live too deeply "in the box". I need to stick my nose out more. Perhaps that should be my goal for this year -- along with purging supplies!
    Happy Monday

  5. Hee hee, loved the thinking cat. My cat got very upset and anxious over all the boys in the house yelling at the TV and currently he couldn't think his way out of a paper bag (nor would he want to, being a cat and all). I'll stay tuned to see what wonderful things you make with your new arrows. I like the card you made with its pop of color and whimsy, but it doesn't feel like you, which may be why you aren't fond of it. Loved seeing the cards that others sent along.


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