Monday, February 17, 2014

Border Punches Can Be Fun!

Here's a cute use for this fabulous fence border punch that I haven't used in, oh, forever.

This card reminds me that spring will come, despite the fact that the wind is whistling through the eaves of my house and sleet it pecking at my windows.

Flowers will bloom.

Not soon enough.

We may be facing a school delay or cancellation tomorrow. Here's a little snippet of dialog between me and my hubs this evening.

Me: If school is delayed or cancelled tomorrow, I'm pitching a toddler fit.
George: Just open a bottle of wine and chug it. You won't be driving anywhere anyway.

If I don't post tomorrow, it'll be because I can't see straight.

To all my readers in the path of winter weather, stay warm and safe.

stamps: Papertrey Turning a New Leaf, Beautiful Blooms II, Birthday Basics
ink: Hero Arts
paper: Papertrey Ink white
accessories: fence border punch, glue pen, rhinestones


  1. Love the simplicity of this card. Hope the weather gets better soon, of course I'm in the middle of summer here so all we are complaining about is the heat:)

  2. This is really adorable. I have a fence punch and haven't used it in so long. Thanks for the inspiration!! The weather was wild and crazy here yesterday and a good day to just stay inside. But, today it's supposed to be a balmy 46 - will enjoy every minute of it because in a couple days the temps are headed back down.

  3. Cute card...a delay here in Richmond, IN. Icy sidewalks and roads, I'm guessing. My car was covered in ice when I got home yesterday afternoon. My last year of teaching; next year this time--Florida! Enjoy your wine!

  4. Love this happy, Spring-like card! We're having some sunny days here in my area after being snowed/iced in for the second time last week. I hope you and your boys have a good day. Can't wait to hear about it :)

  5. What a sweet card. You always come up with such good ideas. I don't have a fence punch but I am sure I can find something that will work almost as well. Hope your weather clears up soon. We had an ice storm last Wed. and were without power for 5 days. Not fun. But it makes a person (me) more grateful for the things we (I) take for granted. I am fortunate to have a gas stove top and a gas water heater so I was able to make soup, oatmeal, grilled cheese, spagetti, etc. and provide to neighbors who were not as fortunate. I am so glad my house is not total electric as most in my neighborhood are. God is good. I agree with DH drink the wine and stay warm!

  6. Love the card, and I LOVE your husband's logic!! Too funny... We had the snow yesterday that's probably on its way to you...we got about 8". It will take weeks before all our snow melts and we see grass again.

  7. Oh my! I hope you don't have to do either. Fits are exhausting and good wine should be enjoyed, not necessarily chugged. Best of luck to you. Your fence punch looks wonderful and it makes me wonder what unused punches I have lingering about in my craft room.

  8. Hang in there. Would love to take your snow off your hands. You've had too much and we have not had enough.

  9. Your husband sounds like a reasonable man with sound logic. I love your sweet and simple card. We have things blooming here but silly plants, you can trust February so those blooms could be froze right off next week for all we know.

  10. I love this card, Susan. What a great idea!


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