Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Can Boys Handle Bling?

An interesting question. Someone (Virginia, was it you?) had a card published in Paper Crafts' special issue of guy cards only after she remade it without bling.

Seriously? Boys can't handle a bit of bling?

Of course, this card has a bit more than a bit of bling, but still. My 12-year-old nephew would love it. My four-year-old nephew would pretend it was a gun and yell "pewpewpew" while pointing it at my sister, who would send me an angry text about corrupting her tender young man with shiny weapons.

Just kidding. But if she did that, I would totally learn how to do a screen shot on my phone so I could share it with you. Because it would be hysterical.

My sister is funny...but not that funny.

Anywho, I'm off to bed after an exhausting day of helping with junior high show choir's production of Guys and Dolls, in which my son has one line and several songs. Middle schoolers are a funny bunch. Very loud.

Rest well.

stamps: Borders and Arrows (Hero Arts), some random and cool birthday sentiment, probably Gina K's Hello Sunshine set but I might be wrong there. I'm tired
ink: Memento (including pear tart...chuckle)
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: lots of bling


  1. I believe it was Virginia Lu who mentioned removing bling from a masculine card, Susan. I tend not to use bling on masculine cards much. I like enamel dots for men. But I have lately used sequins on masculine cards, patticularly when love was the theme. Why that worked for me, I'm not sure, but it did. Bling is tricky on masculine cards. I basically think it depends on the male recipient. I do like your card.

  2. I think the bling works here for a masculine card because the colours are bright and cheerful. ;-)

  3. Bling definitely works on a guy card. My son is upset if his cards don't have bling. DH, my father and brothers have all commented on the fact that it's not fair that guy cards tend to be so blah compared to women's and commented on the fact they like bling, twine, masculine ribbon (taupe tape, I think it's called) and my usual assortment of found items. Of course the bottle cap's that said "Mike's" is a family favourite since it's a family name.

  4. Awesome CAS card. loving the bling.

  5. I believe masculine cards can have bling and guys will like it in most cases. When I find masculine bling, I pick it up to add to my stash. For guys I like metal gears, wood or veneer, matte facetted gems (or ones with a slight sheen), enamel and acrylic dots, metal ball dots, metal tape, and embossing with metallic embossing powder--copper is my favorite right now. I suppose anything metal fits my bill. :) I do on occasion sneak in a small rhinestone or three for a fish eye or on a guitar for dials. I am fond of orange, green, and navy rhinestones for masculine cards and feel like they work well in some cases.

    I really like Christine's bottle cap idea! I have yet to work with them. For your card, Susan, I think the bling in your card looks great and any recipient would like it.

  6. Love the citrus colors here. My four year old son one pew-pew-ed me with an Easter egg.

  7. Love the bright citrus colors on this!

    Bling with boys is tricky. This card? Good possibility that it would fly with my guys. But then again, they are teen age boys and fickle, so if I asked on a "non-bling" day, the answer might swing the other way!

    My boys are even fickle on bling when it comes to the cards I make for their female classmates. If I get too heavy on the bling, I get the "ummmm" insert awkward face here_______, how do I tell mom I don't like it" look. And then again, the last card I made had FEATHERS and a big ol' flower and the Oldest Kiddo thought it was perfect for his classmate.

    And they say you can never figure out women!! Ha!!

  8. Love this card - especially the bling. My husband would be delighted to receive this card but he is very attuned to his feminine side.

  9. I struggle with bling for masculine cards. I tend to use metal if I use any at all. Maybe I should try something shinier. :)

  10. My hubby doesn't like bling, but I'm sure there are plenty of guys who love a little bling! This card is perfect - so bright that you barely notice that some of the "bright" is blingy too. :-)


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