Friday, June 6, 2014

Cards Kind People Sent to Me

Here are some cards I've received recently from some very nice people.

A store-bought card from my sons and husband for Mother's Day
that made my heart melt.

A colorful card from a tropical island...literally. I want to visit Janet. See her
blog post here: Swanlady Impressions

A fabby collection of die cuts from Toni, with a cute lime birdie card...
or dare I say, "pear tart"?
Will be playing with these die cuts soon!

Peg sent this LOL card that totally made me smile,
 along with a very thoughtful gift
for Jonah of flower seeds.

From Bev W., who is a very talented color-er and a sweet
person, too!

Many thanks to all of you for brightening my days with wonderful happy mail!


  1. So kind of you share my card. Could I ask a favour? Could you make a link to my blog? Either to actual blog post, or to Blog Home. Thanks

  2. Lovely cards from thoughtful friends. The die cuts are quite nice, too.


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