Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Washi Tape: Part 4

Parts 1-3 in this series have focused on using washi tape on the card base. Today's cards raise the washi tape to a, ahem, higher level.

These two washi rolls are adorable together...the thin row of hearts over the wider pink-and-red "LOVE" makes a wonderful border. The card, however, lacked a little something, so I added a couple of red heart-shaped rhinestones. Perfect!

Stars and stripes--even if they aren't horizontal--combine for a perfect Operation Write Home card.

Coordinating tapes don't have to be set side-by-side. At right angles works just as well. The solid green tape, however, seemed a bit blah with the stripes, so I added the bling. Of course.

And finally, what if you have a great sentiment that just one washi tape can accent perfectly. No need to go overboard, right? Just be simple.

I love simple.

Simple is good.

Happy washi-ing!

(If you want to know any of these supplies, I'll be happy to share them with you when I get home from vacation. Just let me know.)


  1. Amazing how many different cards you made using washi tape and one simple layout. Love them all. Now I am inpsired to CASE your cards using the washi tape I bought today. :-)

  2. Oh I adore the second one! So patriotic and a fun card for the 4th of July??

  3. Eye popping CAS designs, Susan!


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