Thursday, June 12, 2014

Washi Tape: Part 1

Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned.

I have given in to greed and purchased an obscene number of rolls of washi tape. The colors! The patterns! The different widths! And have you noticed that washi is everywhere...Target, Office Depot, Office Max, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, the grocery store. My determination to limit my stash could not withstand the onslaught of both opportunity and affordability.

I hang my head in shame. Seriously, I haven't fallen this far off the wagon since I went a little crazy buying brads back in 2003. Or maybe since the ribbon binge of 2006. Or the Smooch craze of 2012. Or the...oh, never mind.

My big bowl of washi tape needed to be used, so I'll show you my favorite layouts for using washi tape over the next few days.

And remember! If you don't like washi or don't want to add yet another thing to your hoard, you may substitute strips of designer paper, fabric, stamped paper, or even ribbon for washi in all these designs!

So you can't accuse me of leading you to sin. (And if you want to see my earlier series on washi tape, search "What to Do with Washi" in the side bar search box.)

Today's layout was inspired by a card somewhere in a magazine (Take Ten, perhaps), or maybe it was Pinterest. I don't remember. But it wasn't my original idea. It's super cool, though!

Note the feminine touches on the pink card...the curly font of the sentiment, the bling. Note how the blue card would be more appropriate for a not-girly girl. I think the polka dots and purple might turn most guys off. We'll make a guy card with washi, so don't worry.

I really do prefer my washi ends neat rather than torn, though, and for that reason vastly prefer the pink card to the blue one. Other stampers might have perfected the tear, but when I do it, the results just look raggedy to me. I can't decide if it's just my OCD acting up or if torn really is raggedy.

Feel free to weigh in. I'm deeply conflicted.

stamps: Papertrey Birthday Basics
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: washi tape, rhinestones


  1. hi susan!
    love your use of washi tape on these cards.
    i like the torn ends, but i am a bit random. ok, more than a bit random!
    i have started putting strip of washi on the backs of envelopes after i seal them for the mail.
    hey, it's putting a small dent in my washi collection!
    thanks for the inspiration and have a good day!

  2. Another washi fan, high five! You are not alone in your washimadness, so don't be ashamed. It's fun and way cheaper than paper, if you buy it in the right shops off course. Here in the Netherlands the rolls are all over the place also. Even in shops where you buy plants and in de shop of the Zoo! I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing. It is nice to have lots of choice, but I'm an addict... so it is also a true horror! I do buy a lot of them, but refuse to pay €3,00 for one roll. So, I can say no to some washi, yay for me! But I allow myself to buy some, because I do use them. A lot. It is good to show that washi is so much fun to use on a card, and really easy. There are so many people who have a lot of it, but don't use it. It is a shame! Funny to read you prefer nice edges, I tear almost all my edges! I am looking forward to the result of alll your washicards!

  3. I hear you on the washi tape, guilty over here too, isn't it yummy stuff :D Love the cards Susan, bright, fun and so quick :D x

  4. I have some washi, but don't use it nearly enough! I got a load at Office Depot last year - it was on special and so cheap ;)

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  6. I really, really like Washi...have a little drawer full after someone gifted me with some purple rolls! Then also gifted me with some words on a piece of clear bag and I realized how easy it is to share with others...oh I buy it because I'm sure someone else would like part of my

  7. Forgot to say...if you ever decide to get rid of that bowl I would love it! I have 2 that would coordinate nicely with it that we use all the time that was my grandmother's!

    1. That bowl was MY grandmother' of a set of three. It's not going anywhere!

  8. Love that bowl! Lol... Now, as for Washi - I have not yet fallen prey to the Washi call. In the beginning, I didn't buy any, as I thought it would be a fad. Here today, gone tomorrow, and I'd be hauling tubs of it to the thrift store. Now that I realize it's here to stay, there's so much I don't know where to begin! Anyway, Susan, your cards are both fun. I'm not a lover of torn edges, so I like your fave the best :-)

  9. I've been good... I only have 6 rolls. I've been bad... haven't used any of them.

    I love BOTH cards, and that bowl caught my eye before the washi did. What a treasure!

  10. Love my washi tape and see you have some of my favourites in your bowl! I like the neat ends on the style of card you have here today.

  11. Going to the zoo with kids in the school holidays, I shall keep my eyes peeled in the shop!!

  12. Torn is raggedy. I cut my washi because I can't cope with the raggedy edges. :-) You've made me realise I need a bowl for my washi, I only have a few rolls (maybe 10) but they float all over my craft desk, lol!

  13. I've been stamping for years and don't own a single roll, but you've inspired me. I think I didn't like it at first because of the torn edges on so many projects. But your first card is beautiful and looks so easy. I'm getting some next time I am out, and it sounds like I don't even have to be at a craft store!

  14. I have several rolls of washi tape and don't really use it. I'm tempted to buy the SU set Tape It, so I can faux washi in any color I want, but also wondering if the trend is passing ...

  15. I've been so meaning to do some cards with this stuff. And, I prefer neat rather than raggedy ends. Great cards, Miss Susan!

  16. I definitely prefer the torn washi ends! I guess that to me the free form feel of the torn ends is part of the appeal of washi tape.

  17. I love Washi tape too! At this point it is more a "collection" of pretty colors and patterns rather than an actual embellishment that I USE. Though i have used small bits to hold wafer thin dies in place while running through my BigShot. That was until I bought a magnetic platform now my Washi is back to being decorationšŸ˜„
    I like both torn and neatly trimmed ends depending on the "vibe" I am trying to create. I tear paper a lot for layers on my cards, but I know many people who just can't stand to tear "the pretty paper"...and who just don't like the look and find it sloppy. Different strokes....

  18. I was determined to resist this fad but the colors and patterns got me too.

  19. I think I only have one roll of washi (or was it a 3 pack?) but I have bought more for my niece who is 7 and loves it.

    I do not, at all, think your preference for neat ends is OCD (& not just because I share your prference!). It's all about personal style. Torn ends suit certain types of cards, such as rustic, vintage, or collage-y. Beacause your style is ultra clean, it is natural that a clean edge would better suit your cards in most cases. I love your trimmed ends on the pink and green card.

  20. I like the design. Washi looks good either torn or cut. I think the design is the determining factor.

  21. straight edge all the way for me! never been a fan of ripped edges.
    stamping sue

  22. Ooooh, you've come to the dark side again, and you've chosen well, Grasshopper. I love your cute, tiny collection of washi tape, and the lovely cards you've made. :)


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