Monday, October 13, 2014

More White Embossing and Twinkling H2Os...Because One Card Is Never Enough But Maybe It Should Be

And here it is, using the same stamp set as yesterday's card, just a different stamp.

I used three different shades of Twinkling H2Os. Go, me!

Looking at it on my computer screen, however, I realize that the red and mustard leaves to the left of the sentiment are awkwardly placed. Oh, and the two leaves at the bottom are perfectly aligned...and should not be. And the top leaf is at the same angle as the two leaves on the right.

I had not noticed all this before. Urgh. I used to be happy with this card, and now I'm not.

Well, leaves in nature don't always fall in perfectly designed randomness, do they?

But they should fall that way on my cards.

Oh well.

Nobody's perfect.

Anyone want to come watch me burn this?

I may or may not have perfectionist issues.

stamps: Clearly Besotted You Are, Papertrey Keep It Simple Thanksgiving sentiment
ink: clear embossing ink, Memento cocoa
paper: Papertrey
accessories: white embossing powder, heat gun, Embossing Buddy


  1. no! don't throw this away!
    send it to me and I will give it a loving home!
    yesterday's card may just be my all time favorite......since those lovely note cards you made for your mom years ago (using SU sillohuette stems). that's how I found your wonderful blog.
    thanks, susan!

  2. I never saw any of this until YOU pointed it all out, and I still really like it! Don't trash it!!!

  3. You can send it to me, too! I didn't notice all the "flaws" until you told me about them. ;-) Very nice design, perhaps you should make another perfect one...

  4. Perfectly random? that thought makes me smile. It reminded me of one of my math classes, long ago, learning that "random number tables" aren't really random but created by an algorithm... such a disappointment.

  5. Thanks for the smile -- we are still in the 90's here so, it's to hot for a fire :)

  6. It looked perfect to me, until you pointed out the issues. But then I thought as you mentioned...when leaves fall they don't do it according to design principles do they. Sigh. But if we want our cards to be pleasing we must take it into consideration. Yes? Yes. So be it. Better to burn the card and move on than to store it knowing you'll never want to give it to anyone. I know I cannot give anyone a card I deem not pleasing.

  7. Susan, back away from the fireplace!! This card is perfectly can send it to me if you need to get rid of it...I would love it!

  8. Take some scrap paper and make a frame around some of the stamping. If you find an area you like, cut and mount on fresh card. OR draw some funny bugs/ants clinging and hanging from the leaves and send it to a youngster..... Otherwise do something you really hate to do and cover the card with more leaves until the offending ones become obvious.....then chuck it if you want to! I actually like it ....!

  9. Like some said before, I did not see any of these "disperfections" before you wrote about it. And guess what? I STILL love your card, Susan!

    So instead of throwing it away or even worse: burn it - just send it to me, I would gladly take it off your hands. And if I wouldn't live on the opposite side of the globe, I would come and take it :)


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