Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wet Paint

When Wet Paint was released by Papertrey, I was intrigued but decided to sit on it for a while to see if it still intrigued me later.

It does.

I bought it for my birthday.

What fun it is!

Isn't it fun with the funky heart from Heart Prints? The heart is stamped in Hero Arts Tomato and love is in Hero Arts Red Royal. I love how these two shades work so well together! There's plenty of difference to provide contrast, but Tomato is still nice and red, not pink.

I hope everyone in the USA had a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday weekend. Our Stephen Ministry group handed out ornaments today, the ones that say Hope. After all, it's the Hope Sunday of Advent.

It's getting to crunch time for Christmas cards, and I am short by about 80. No worries. I'll just buy a few more boxes. There's no point in beating ourselves up with guilt if we can't hand-craft every little thing we send out, now, is there? Of course not. There are some lovely printed cards available.

How many Christmas cards are YOU sending out this year? Are you sending them? Why or why not? Inquiring minds, and all that....

stamps: Papertrey Heart Prints, Wet Paint
ink: Hero Arts
paper: white Papertrey
accessories: dimensionals


  1. Susan- how do you decide who gets handcrafted cards and who gets the boxed ones? I do beat myself up and kill myself to make enough cards to send to those I need to.

    1. Close family, a few friends who are artsy-craftsy, select crafty friends who send me handmade cards, etc., receive handmade cards. Lots of my Christmas card list is old military friends of my husband (some of them I barely know), more distant family members who are more interested in our Christmas letter than the card it comes with, friends I knew before I started stamping, etc. They get store bought if handmade isn't available.

      And yes I'm serious about people requesting our Christmas letter and getting miffed if they didn't get one. My extended family loves them!

  2. I'm sending out about 70 cards this year, and I already have that amount made. I'm so ahed of the game this year! I don't think I could make many more though, there's also birthdays and get well cards to be made and sent. I 've already adressed my cards to be sent abroad, but the majority of the stack is waiting to be written and adressed in the next two weeks. Good luck with your list, and I've sent out store bought cards many years! I still think it's so much more attentive and personal than sending a mass e-mail, or nothing at all!

  3. I think your heart card is beautiful and the reds do look great together! Bravo! Thanks for the inspiration! I am giving 50 cards this year and for the first time I have got them all made, addressed and stamped with some spare to start me off for next year. My organisation has also extended to coding the designs so that I have a record of what card went to whom this year and I don't duplicate next year! I have been learning a lot from your blog and thus most of my cards are simple! Once designed, (which takes the most time especially as I have limited supplies!), making them production line style worked well. Cards are not usually sent here in France and those you can buy are in singles, not brilliant and expensive! So I have no option but to make them myself. We cannot afford to give gifts, so cards are essential to say they we are thinking of someone and sending them our love and hopefully the love of Christ. I always include the real reason for Christmas in every card. We have to come out of the idea that if we don't make a card the recipient will think less of us, it simply isn't true. It is the thought that counts and is someone has a problem with that, then it is their problem, not ours!

  4. I just reviewed my list and I should send out 71 cards. I counted my stash and I have 74, so I will be prepared if someone else pops up on my list! Pretty stoked about that. Now the process of preparing the family newsletter. I think that is more of a job than making the cards!! Merry Christmas if I don't comment on future posts.

  5. Beautiful card! I send out about 30 Christmas cards every year - all handmade.

  6. We do about 40 cards-and tis year, with a wedding having happened, a picture as well as the annual letter. I send very foes handmade cards-just family and my best friend.
    Hope everyone has a stressless holiday this year!

  7. You are convincing me, Susan, that I don't have to send homemade cards to everyone on our list. Cut our list down to 120 but used to send even more. If we didnt receive a card from someone last Christmas, I don't send them one this year...unless I know there were extenuating circumstances. I need to get creating!

  8. I adore this card. The reds don't clash but I'm not sure why. Love it! Let's not even talk about Christmas cards... I'm so not ready.


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