Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Recovering Nicely with a Little Sparkle

Today's card demonstrates the principle of recovering nicely from a screw-up. It also teaches the need to make sure your product's shelf life hasn't been exceeded.

First, the card.

A few things to note...the card has colored card stock (wait a minute!) but only a narrow strip to highlight the border punch, which itself mimics the scallop of the gingham icing on the cupcake. Cool, eh? Also, that cupcake is floating around in white space and I just don't care.

Now, I wanted a nice, shiny cherry on top of the cupcake, but my product (a tiny, unopened tube of free sample of Diamond Glaze) was tucked away in the unfinished area of my basement in a drawer labeled "Surplus Adhesive."

People who buy too much on sale need such drawers, right?

Anyway, this sample tube had been in storage since, oh, the Triassic period, and when I cut off the tip, it seemed a little thick. But did I test it on a scrap of paper? Oh, no. Stoopid. It was totally goopy and stiff and wouldn't smooth out on the cherry for anything.

I set the card aside to let the mess dry. Once it was, I pulled out my nice, fresh red Stickles and spread it over the lumpy, bumpy Diamond Glaze. The results are acceptable, if not ideal.

A little sparkle can fix a lot of mistakes.

stamps: Clearly Besotted
ink: Hero Arts
paper: Papertrey Ink white, SU real red
accessories: Diamond Glaze, Stickles, SU scallop border punch


  1. love it - floating cake -whatever -its still a lovely card .Plus a little sparkle and who doesnt need sparkle in their life !

  2. Beautifully done, Susan...and I love the "fix"! This card is excellent!

  3. Cute story and floating cupcake :)

  4. Nice save on that cherry. And I may or may not have a huge box of "adhesives".


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