Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AHA! or Duh! You Be the Judge

I experienced an aha! moment yesterday, or perhaps it was just a duh! moment. I'm not sure, but my embellishment drawers just got a lot emptier cleaner.

So yay!

Anyway, I resolved to tackle some of my Use Your Hoard List. In particular, I wanted to figure out if buttons needed to stay in my embellishment drawers or go to storage in an unfinished area of the basement. It seemed like such a good idea...until my overactive brain took over.

My stream of consciousness ran something like this: Hmm, I have buttons in every color. This isn't fun. Dang, I forgot how thick these things are. They won't go through the mail at all. This isn't fun. Do I really want to make something that can't go in the mail? Not really, no, and this still isn't fun. Plus, what new thing could I do with buttons that I haven't already done? Do I want to make something that's NOT a card? No, no I don't. Too much effort. I'm tired. Why did my insomnia pick now to come back. How can I expect to be creative on so little sleep for weeks on end?  I sold that button set from PTI, didn't I? Sure did. What is the point? This isn't fun. Calgon, take me away!!!!

You see what I have to deal with? I had pulled out one of my Craft Mate cases of embellishments, where I store brads, paper clips, buttons, sequins, etc. None of it looked at all interesting to me.

NONE of it, people.

I pulled the Craft Mate cases from the Blue/Violet, Green, Yellow/Orange, and Red/Pink drawers and moved them out. The only ones that stayed were the neutrals and metallics. Those may join the colors soon.

These four cases now reside on the top shelf of my baker's rack, still in my craft room, but not convenient at all to my workspace, and may head off to the basement later. It felt good to move them.

The little bear, who is full of tiny beads and very relaxing to squeeze, stayed on my desk within easy reach. That little guy kept me from choking the life out of annoying salespeople when I worked for a computer memory manufacturer years ago. Those sales department guys always came to my cubicle with emergency, last-minute, must-get-done now projects that they'd known about for weeks and ohmygoshincompetenceonyourpartdoesn'tconstituteanemergencyonmine!!!!!

See? Years later, and it still stresses me out.

Let it go, let it go!

Ohhhmmmmm, squishy bear. Ohhhmmmm.

I feel better. This helps, too. Especially if the wine is a nicely balanced malbec.

I made this card for my sister-in-law. She will appreciate it. She and I drank wine while our husbands sweated it out at Ironman Wisconsin in September. She and I know how to do an Ironman!

The bling covers up stars on the stamp, but I didn't have red-wine colored stars...just blue.

And that's all I have to say about that.

stamps: Hero Arts A Little clear set
ink: Versamagic Jumbo Java, Memento Luxe Rhubarb
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: rhinestones


  1. Another fun post! I can sympathize with the incompetence issue. I used to tell the teachers, and principals I used to work for, to remember the six P's...prior proper planning prevents poor performance. Lol. Kudos to you for emptying, ummm, cleaning your stash! I certainly need to do that. For the record, I do the Ironman, triathlons, and marathons in exactly the same way you do! Hugs...

  2. Oh I have a friend that sentiment is perfect for. She's the sort that does the marathon and the wine though! Well done on moving out the embellishments.

  3. I love all the interest this one stamp provides and love how just a little bling and that red word just pops Susan. I don't have a bajillion buttons but the ones I have I just like to look at them in a vintage mason jar by my desk.

  4. I love to look at buttons too, but they don't need to be vintage... I love the rainbowy goodness of them. And you totally CAN mail a card with a button on it. I just add an extra piece of cardstock between the front of the card and the envelope. Problem solved! That said, I am more likely to use buttons on scrapbook pages than cards. What if you separated the buttons from the brads and sequins, so you could weigh the value of them individually and not punish/banish the others based on their close proximity to the offensive buttons? Probably too much effort, but just the same I feel the poor brads and sequins never had a chance ;-) Btw, I'm loving the evaluation process you're doing to simplify your stash. I unfortunately am an equal opportunity hoarder and love all things crafty! The stamp your used on today's card is just another reminder that my friends and I really need to overcome our distaste for wine cause wine stamps are always funny. I am occasionally tempted to buy them and mask out the word "wine" and replace with "Coke" since that is the vice of my little circle of friends.

  5. Please don't stop blogging...your posts are funny and they make me smile every time. And, of course, I love your cards! I'm a big, huge fan of simple cards.

  6. That sentiment is such fun! I don't use buttons much anymore either, but I don't have a lot. I have a Martha Stewart button punch that I like. It makes a rather big button, though. But it's easy to mail cards having the punched buttons. Love your fun stories!

  7. Yep - I think we all have lots & lots of buttons - mine are collecting dust dust rather nicely - thankyouverymuch. [yeah, I had to try the one long sentence - powerful stuff] :) - However, you are correct - they mail...not. I like the way you and sil do Ironman - so much easier~ :)

  8. I like your bear story. My desk mascot is a green beanbag frog. I have maybe a pint of mixed buttons that are pretty but never used ... in my closet if needed sometime. Making cards for Operation Write Home has influenced my style so much that I just don't think to use glitter or fat embellishments, even on my non-OWH cards.

  9. Cold January's are always a good time to clean out my stash of stuff that hasn't seen daylight in years! Found my old Marvy Metallic Markers and remembered that I'd really loved making beautiful backgrounds with them. Had to go to notes to figure out what I'd loved about them though. Unfortunately, a couple of markers were dry, but the others were great. Ended playing with them for quite a while making gorgeous backgrounds on black glossy cs. I was thrilled! Nothing else got cleaned out though. Also happy to see that these delightful markers are still available. Yay!


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