Sunday, January 18, 2015


Many thanks for your comments on this post. I've decided to send the kraft version to my nephew, mainly because Bev emailed me and told me that "males usually prefer dull, ugly cards." *snort*

And now on to other things....

One consequence of being super clean and simple is that I regularly feel the creative urge to stretch myself, get out of my comfort zone, and try new things...or at least revisit things I've tried long, long ago. CAS--like anything you do a lot--can get boring, and it's helpful to shake things up a bit.

Additionally: I love the visual impact of the current issue of Somerset Life:

The shabby chic, vintage, artsy style, however, doesn't reconcile easily with clean and simple. I've spent years experimenting, playing around with ideas garnered from those layered, textured styles. Mostly, I fail. Which is fine. It's all a learning process.

One mistake I've made over and over again...trying to absorb too much of at once. So as I explored the visual loveliness of this magazine issue, I looked for little things, tiny details that I could adapt to my style. One such detail that appeals to my CAS sensibilities is using individual words cut out closely. It inspired my use of them on this post.

It's a good one. For today's cards, I went busier than usual, with lots of words acting like leaves on the Mighty Oak tree from Papertrey.

The green version came first, and I liked everything except the color. The overall effect is rather drab in real life (the photo actually looks better!). So I made another with more words and PINK!

Love the colors, but now I think there are too many words...just a bit too busy. But the sentiment works better, the colors work better, and it makes me happy!

Do you ever try to stretch your creative self, even if just to put a toe outside your nice, little box of style? What inspires you to do so, or what keeps you from trying?

stamps: SU Amazing to Zany, Hero Arts
ink: various
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: dimensionals, Cutterbee scissors


  1. hmmm...i actually like the first one better. i like how the sentiment mimics the same style as the little words but still is TWO words and stretched out a bit longer than the wee words. not so sure i like the font with the second card and maybe would like it better if it were a two word sentiment. just my way of seeing it of course.

    1. I totally get what you're saying. I went with the cursive font mainly for the sentiment itself and because it looked girly like the colors. This is proof positive that you can NEVER have enough sentiments!!!

  2. I actually prefer the colors of the first card, Susan. It's just more pleasing to my eye. This is a card I could easily CASE for my grandson :)

    1. The first card's colors SERIOUSLY look better in the photo than in real life. IRL, it's pretty dull.

  3. I also prefer the green - but perhaps with a brown trunk? I enjoy trying new things and stretching my creative side - I think it's because I love variety in my life.

  4. I'm not sure which I prefer but maybe there are just too many sentiments on the tree? I'm not sure but the thing is your friend will just LOVE receiving either one! My creative change....well that's going more CAS because I have changed! (Yup I'm getting simpler!) I'm less serious, less needing approval from others, I even use pre-coloured digital stamps at times when I cannot find time to make a card or just can't get creative enough. The cards are always well received because it's not about me, it is about the recipient. When we change, so does our preferences. I did try scenic stamping last week for a challenge my friend is hosting simply to encourage her. Boy, never again! It is so not me!!!!!

  5. Bucking the trend here but I far and away prefer the pink version. I like the contrast between the tree and the words better. I will freely admit I am not a green fan in general though so I might be prejudiced.

    I have good intentions of stretching my creative self but I could definitely do more. I get such a buzz when I do try something new and it works.

  6. I like the pink version but the fewer number of sentiments as on the green card.

    I think time constraints keep me from going too far out of my comfort zone.

  7. I love the second version better, but, although the main sentiment IS beautiful, I feel it could be a tad smaller font. Great to see you getting out of your comfort zone. Just sayin'.


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