Monday, October 31, 2016

Berry Birthday

My mother requested some birthday cards, so I had fun making a whole bunch of different cards for her. This one uses Kaleidacolor's Berry Blaze spectrum ink pad for a VERY pink and purple card.

The sentiment (from Papertrey...not sure the set) is enormous and only needs a little something-something to set it off. A spectrum ink pad and a few starbursts from Papertrey's Good Times set (and of course some bling) were all it took to make this sentiment rock!

stamps: Papertrey
ink: Kaleidacolor berry blaze
paper: Papertrey
accessories: rhinestones


  1. That card is a party in an envelope!! Love the colors....and the bling, of course :)
    Lu C

  2. I always enjoy seeing your kaleidacolor cards, it is a refreshing card. What size of stamp do you think works best for using kaleidacolor ink pads? When I made a card it looks off balance with the ink, is there a method you use for determining which part of the pad to use?

    1. I use all size stamps on Kaleidacolor long as they aren't too large. I do pick colors for narrower stamps like this one, which only uses the three middle colors of the five colors on the pad for the sentiment, and the top and bottom colors for the starbursts.

      Does that help?

    2. Yes, maybe my problem is my stamps are too large. I looked on-line at the ink pads and it is the same size as what I have. Do you just buy a new pad when an ink goes dry or are there refills for Kaleidacolor pads? Why isn't Kaleidacolor spelled Kaliedacolor? Bothers me to spell it with an e before an i!

    3. There are refills available, but I haven't needed any yet.

      I decided years ago that the "i before e, except after c" rule is more a vague suggestion than a rule. In this case, I suspect they are using the standard spelling of kaleidoscope as the base of the product name. Blame ancient Greek. And note that ancient has i before e after a c. English is weird, which has e before i. ;-)

    4. All that made me laugh...going off to the stamp room to see what I can accomplish with the ONE Kaleidacolor ink pad that I own! Surely there must be ONE stamp that will work on that pad and made a great one-layer card like yours! Happy Wednesday Evening.


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