Sunday, October 2, 2016

Two Tree Cards that Teach Us Lessons

One of my favorite sayings is that people come into your life to be blessings or lessons. Well, the same might be said of cards we make. Some are blessings (like yesterday's card) and some are lessons (like today's two cards).

Either way, we win. We either jump for joy or we learn something. It's all good.

So here are our two lessons for today.

First, the PSX pine tree. I decided to make a set of all-red holiday thank-you card that had a Nordic flavor, but I experimented with adding a bunch of Stickles on the tree to add a snowy feel.

Stamps: PSX tree, Clearly Besotted sentiment;
Ink: Ranger Archival red geranium

Mostly, I love this. The Stickles turned a little pinkish, which is disappointing. I was really hoping the red would stay red and the white Stickles would stay white, with a snowy effect. The red ink is Ranger Archival red geranium, which is waterproof, so I have to assume that the red showing through the clear glue gives the pinkish cast to the glitter.

 Perhaps I'm picking nits, but I left the three other cards I made Stickles-free.

And second, the Hero Arts tree. There's a design flaw here...too much space between the sentiment and tree. Wow, that's a big gap! I considered buying some silver or gold sheer ribbon and add a bow below the tree, but somehow I think that would look "stuck on" and certainly not integral to the design. Nope. Trying to make that tree fit this panel with that sentiment just didn't work.

Stamps: Hero Arts tree, Clearly Besotted sentiment; Ink:
Delicata gold and silver

Dottie Jo wanted to see my effort with this Hero Arts flourish tree.  Perhaps it would be better for her to look at this older, lovely heart card. Hope that's a better example for you to follow, Dottie Jo!!!!

Clearly, today's card just isn't a winner of a design contest. But I'm keeping the silver-and-gold color scheme in the back of my mind as I move forward in my plans to use my Christmas stamp stash.

The great thing about my holiday stamp challenge is that if I make a card that doesn't work, I just move on. These two were "move on" efforts. Maybe next year, these two stamps will yield better results.

Tomorrow, we'll be back with a fun and balanced tree card where everything went right.


  1. So interesting to read your commentary of these two cards...I the red/pink tree card! I see what you mean about the space between sentiment and tree on the second card. I cannot think of a great 'save' unless a graphic design would draw the sentiment closer to the tree. But, again, I love your stickles tree! I am adding 'red geranium' to my shopping list. What a great red. Thanks for the 'lessons'...they were a BLESSING! :)

  2. Lessons or blessings, I shall have to remember that. I don't mind the pinkish cast to your stickled evergreen but I can see that it certainly didn't stay all red. As for the second card, oh yeah, that's a big gap. I have to say that is an unusual error for you to make. Thank you for making it though as it reminds us that we're all human and all make boo-boos.

  3. I like the 'pinky' look to some of the branches on card #1. It looks purposeful and subtle and lovely. Mmmmmm, card #2 features a lovely colour combo but the beads are 'sitting' rather than looking like an integral part of the design. I wonder why? Is it because they are all circular? Thanks for the link to your previous card. I think I remember it from before... Perhaps that's why I bought the stamp? I've found him to be a tricky sucker to use and no mistake! Jo x

  4. One thought I had on your second tree would be to add in a grounding layer for the tree so it doesn't look so removed. You could use markers to add in some ground or add a fussy cut hillside piece that would extend from the outside edges of the sentiment. Just a thought...

  5. Thank you as always for your design lessons! The pink and red tree is lovely, even if not what you intended.

  6. Hi Susan. I know what you mean about the pinky red, but if someone was receiving it, they wouldn't know how else it might look so that would be ok with them :-) Like Krismybliss, i was thinking, a little swish of grey/pale blue shadow ink underneath the tree would ground it and fill up the space. Thanks for sharing your design wisdom.

  7. It's very encouraging when you share your "misses." I like these cards in spite of the flaws you pointed out.


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