Thursday, October 6, 2016

Use One, Make Three Challenge: Hero Arts Holiday Pine Boughs

So I'm into my Use One, Make Three Christmas Card Challenge. For those who missed it, my method for overcoming the intimidation posed by owning so many Christmas stamps is to pick a set and make three cards from it. Then, I pick another set and make three more cards. And so on, until I have enough cards or decide that store-bought works well enough for whoever's left.

I whipped out nine Christmas cards the other day in record time, so it seems to be working so far. My plan is to share all three cards from each set at once...whether they turned out great or not. Keeping it real here at Simplicity!

Today's trio of cards uses Hero Arts Holiday Pine Boughs. The first two cards were inspired by a variety of cards on Pinterest that showcase multiple images of stamped or punched branches arranged in swags, like this one by Michelle Williams here.

Stamps: Papertrey sentiment; Ink: Hero Arts green; Archival
red geranium, leaf green; Paper: Papertrey white
Accessories: craft foam, glue, scallop scissors
(to round the corners slightly)

The first version uses traditional Christmas shades of green and red for a festive punch of color. The second version goes softer with light shades of blue and Delicata silver for a peaceful, cool effect.

Stamps: Papertrey sentiment; Ink: Delicata silver; Hero Arts soft sky,
cornflower; Paper: Papertrey white; Accessories:
satin ribbon, rhinestones, glue dots

The third card branches into border stamping. (I'm so sorry. That's a terrible pun.) It was heavily inspired by Michelle's CARD on my Pinterest Cards board. Michelle's card is prettier than mine, though.

Ink: Impress mojito, grass; Ranger red geranium
Paper: Papertrey white; Accessories: bling

And that's one set down.

1,234,783 more to go.


I think I might have issues.

And many thanks to Michelle for al the inspiration for today's cards!


  1. What a great idea to use your stamp sets (even non Christmas ones).

  2. Love the Peace on Earth card in the middle!

  3. Love the Peace on Earth card in the middle!

  4. All beautiful Susan, I am trying so hard to get enthusiastic especially when I look at the uninked stamps I have looking at me. Keep it simple love the middle one best.

  5. Great idea with the 3 from 1. Love your blue and delicata idea and the design of the first 2.

  6. Oh, Susan, thank-you! After a case of suspected plagiarism recently (that I didn't do anything about) I can't tell you how much I appreciate your acknowledgement of the inspiration for your first card. I am beyond thrilled that I have inspired YOU for not only one card, but more! That makes me so happy. :-) All of these cards are so beautiful. Thank-you, my friend. xxx

    1. Wow! The first card I linked to was part of a challenge DT post, so I didn't bother finding the name of the person who made it since it was one of a number on pinterest that inspired mine. So glad you let me know, and I've edited the post accordingly. How cool that you inspired ALL the cards on this post, Michelle! Thank YOU!!!!!!


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